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On June 11, Zoe Lister-Jones will direct a stellar cast in a Live Read of Wayne's World at the Wallis. Get ready to rock!

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Going Green

Regardless of your budget, putting eco-friendly practices in place on set can benefit the environment – and your bottom line.

Eco-Friendly Filmmaking

Don't-Miss Indies

We're officially flying through spring – and that's the theme of this list, with Little Wing, The Blue Angels, Ethan Hawke and more.

Unmissable May




Be the CEO of Your Career

Time 7:30 pm PT
Location Film Independent HQ
Tickets FREE for Members
Filmmakers and screenwriters are entrepreneurs. We are startup businesses of one. But many of us don’t operate that way – instead, we wait for “permission” from... Read More


Los Angeles Premiere: Late Bloomers

Time 7:30 pm PT
Location Harmony Gold Preview House
Tickets FREE for Members + 1 guest
You’re invited to join us for a theatrical screening of Late Bloomers, followed by a in-person conversation with director Lisa Steen, writer Anna Greenfield, producers... Read More


Film Independent Fri 5.24.2024

The Must-List: Five Insightful Films about Real-Life Soldiers


Despite what you may think, Memorial Day isn’t just a day off work or an occasion for a good storewide mattress sale. The ostensible purpose of this federal holiday, of course, is to remember the sacrifice of those who have died while serving in our country’s five armed services branches: the Ai...

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