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Programs Tue 2.2.2021

Film Independent Members and Fellows at Sundance (Just Not Necessarily in Park City)

There’s a good chance you aren’t reading this. And if not, we bet dollars to high-altitude donuts that the reason is the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, which in virtual form is currently underway on laptop screens and in home theaters all across the world. And not only is the venerable Park City, UT indie film showcase alive and well, it’s thriving — with Film Independent Fellow Sian Heder’s sophomore feature CODA selling over the weekend for a record $25 million.

Of course, Heder (an alum of our 2009 Directing Lab) isn’t the only filmmaker with Film Independent bona fides to make their presence known during this odd, COVID-impacted edition of Sundance. In fact, there’s a whole big sloppy bucket of Film Independent Members and Fellows “at” this year’s Sundance. First, let’s take a look at our Fellows — defined as filmmakers who have been directly supported by Film Independent’s Lab ProgramsProject InvolveFast Track and Fiscal Sponsorship programs…



‘I Was a Simple Man’
  • Christopher Makoto Yogi, Writer/Director/Producer, I Was a Simple Man
    • Fiscal Sponsorship
    • Fast Track, 2018
  • Sarah S. Kim, Producer, I Was a Simple Man
    • Fiscal Sponsorship
    • Fast Track, 2018
  • Sian Heder, Writer/Director, Coda
    • Directing Lab, 2009



‘Rebel Hearts’
  • Pedro Kos, Director/Editor, Rebel Hearts
    • Fast Track, 2019
  • Kira Carstensen, Producer, Rebel Hearts
    • Fast Track, 2019
  • Judy Korin, Producer, Rebel Hearts
    • Fast Track, 2019



‘Vanishing Wake’
  • Alex Camilleri, Writer/Director/Producer, Vanishing Wake (Luzzu)
    • Directing Lab, 2019



  • Carey Williams, Writer/Director, R#J
    • Project Involve, 2017



‘Beyond the Breakdown’
  • Terence Nance, Lead Artist, Traveling the Interstitium with Octavia Butler
    • Project Involve, 2016
  • Aldo Velasco, Lead Artist, Beyond the Breakdown
    • Directing Lab, 2013
    • Fast Track, 2007
    • Fast Track, 2013
  • Violeta Ayala , Lead Artist/Key Collaborator, Prison X – Chapter 1: The Devil and The Sun
    • Documentary Lab, 2012



‘BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop’
  • Zamarin Wahdat, Writer/Director, Bambirak
    • Project Involve, 2018
  • Jason Park, Writer/Director, BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop
    • Project Involve, 2015



‘Marvelous and the Black Hole’
  • Carolyn Mao, Producer, Marvelous and the Black Hole
    • Fiscal Sponsorship


Congrats, Fellows! And now — let’s see which Film Independent Members have achieved the tremendous feat of earning a pixel or two of digital real estate for their projects in the online Sundance program book.

A reminder: Film Independent is an organization open to filmmakers and film lovers all over the world. Not a Member yet? Well, you can become one today.



  • Anne Misawa, Producer, I Was A Simple Man
  • Gabriella Ludlow, Executive Producer, Mayday
  • Yvonne Huff Lee, Executive Producer, Passing
  • Brenda Robinson, Executive Producer, Passing



  • Joe Plummer, Executive Producer, Cusp
  • Jennifer Westphal, Executive Producer, Cusp
  • Jenifer Rainin, Executive Producer, Homeroom
  • Pedro Kos, Director, Rebel Hearts
  • Rick Rosenthal, Executive Producer, Rebel Heart
  • Kathryn Bostic, Composer, Rita Moreno: Just a Girl
  • Geralyn White Dreyfous, Executive Producer, Try Harder
  • Rick Rosenthal, Executive Producer, Rebel Heart



  • Joslyn Barnes, Producer, President



‘The Blazing World’
  • Jennifer Westphal, Executive Producer, The Blazing World
  • Joe Plummer, Executive Producer, The Blazing World
  • Andrew Carlberg, Executive Producer, The Blazing World
  • Rene Boscio, Composer, R#J
  • Sarah Winshall, Producer, The Blazing World, Strawberry Mansion
  • Maria Altamirano, Producer, Son of Monarchs



‘Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street’
  • Kathryn Bostic, Composer, Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir
  • Jamie Wolf, Executive Producer, Bring Your Own Brigade
  • Julie Goldman, Producer, In the Same Breath
  • John Sloss, Executive Producer, Land
  • Peter Saraf, Producer, Land
  • Leah Holzer, Producer, Land
  • Kate Tsang, Writer/Director, Marvelous and the Black Hole
  • Carolyn Mao, Producer, Marvelous and the Black Hole
  • Nancy Abraham, Executive Producer, Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street
  • Mark Myers, Executive Producer, Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street



‘The World to Come’
  • Whitaker Lader, Producer, The World to Come


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