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Programs Thu 9.24.2015

LEGAL EASE: Does Your Film Need an LLC?

So you’re making a super-indie documentary that only stars your family members and their pets. Do you still need to create an LLC for the project? Attorney Lisa Callif, Partner, Donaldson + Callif has the answer in this month’s edition of Legal Ease.

“The short answer to that question is ‘Yes,’” says Callif. “If you are producing a film, you received funding for it or you’re funding it yourself, you should form a corporate entity…and typically what filmmakers do is an LLC.”

Watch Callif explain why forming a corporate entity is so important:

The necessity of LLCs is just one of the points Callif covers in Film Independent’s monthly LEGAL EASE series. If you have a question for attorney Lisa Callif, please send them to us at education@filmindependent.org.

Tom Sveen / Film Independent Blogger

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