Free Screening: Goodbye Julia


Free Screening: Goodbye Julia

You’re invited to join us for a theatrical screening of Goodbye Julia, followed by an in-person conversation with writer/director Mohamed Kordofani and producer Amjad Abu Alala, moderated by Avril Z. Speaks.

In 2005, the government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) signed the Naivasha peace treaty, bringing to an end Africa’s longest civil war. The conflict displaced 2 million southern citizens from their towns, and the agreement would later lead to the South securing its independence.

Just six months after the signing of the treaty, John Garang, the leader of the SPLM, is killed in a helicopter crash, and a wave of violence and riots spark in the capital Khartoum. As casualties mount and tension builds, Mona, a retired, upper middle class singer from the north, accidentally hits a Southern child with her car and drives away. The child’s father chases her on his motorbike, and she calls her husband Akram for help, telling him only that she’s being followed by a Southern man. As soon as she arrives home, Akram shoots the pursuer dead.

Mona’s resulting guilt and depression puts more strain on her already struggling marriage, and leads her to Julia, the mother of the boy she hit with her car. Mona hides her involvement in the series of events from Julia, and the two women form a friendship. Soon Julia meets Joseph, a radical separatist SPLM soldier who is quite taken with her, and she asks him to use his military ties to help her uncover what really happened to her husband – and Mona finds herself forced to make difficult decisions to keep everyone around her in the dark.

2023, 121 minutes, color | Directed by Mohamed Kordofani | Written by Mohamed Kordofani | Starring  Eiman Yousef, Siran Riak, Nazar Goma, Ger Duany | Produced by Amjad Abu Alala, Mohammed Alomda | Co-Produced by Mohamed Kordofani, Mohamed Al-Omda, Khaled Awad, Baho Bakhash, Faisal Baltyuor, Ali El Arabi, Adham El Sherif, Michael Hendricks, Ingrid Lill Hotgun, Marc Irmer, Safei Eldin Mahmoud | Executive Produced by Lupita Nyong’o

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