Getting Your Foot in the Door


Getting Your Foot in the Door

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Life for the independent filmmaker can be a constant hustle. After you’ve raised financing to make your short or feature, you hustle to get into a festival, hustle to find a buyer and then it’s back to square one. So, how can you take it to the next level? If you’re a tyro writer, what’s the best route to securing an agent or getting into a writer’s room? How do you leverage that Best Short Film award into a gig as a director for hire? If you’ve managed to raise $75K, what use of those funds will best propel your career forward?

Film Independent is pleased to welcome former studio and network president Tom Nunan, who is now a successful feature and TV producer (Executive Producer of the Best Picture Oscar winner Crash, among many others). Nunan will answer these burning questions and many more in an open discussion format.

About the speaker

Tom Nunan is a former network and studio president, Oscar-winning producer (Crash; Best Picture, 2005) and lecturer at his alma mater: The Graduate School of Theater, Film and TV at UCLA. Tom has helped build three networks, his own production company and helped discover and promote the careers of some of today’s most sought-after TV creators and filmmakers. Tom oversees his company, Bull’s Eye Entertainment, an independent film and TV company, while focusing on writing and creating feature films, scripted cable shows and reality formats. Tom also provides expert consulting services for all of the leading studios, networks and streaming companies.

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