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New and innovative work, fiscally sponsored by Film Independent.
The Fiscal Sponsorship program opens the door to nonprofit funding for independent filmmakers and media artists, supporting a diverse slate of projects at every stage of the filmmaking process – from development to distribution and beyond. Support Film Independent's creative community and help bring these projects to life by donating below.
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When a young girl is called upon in court as the sole witness in her father's sexual assault case, she must choose between telling the truth or protecting her family.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director: Mishal Mahmud
Producer: Nidhi Kulkarni
Producer: Aishy Vimal
Cinematographer: Kathryn Boyd-Batstone
Sound Recordist: Renia Akamatsu

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Women of Hollywood Mixers x Blank Paige Films

Blank Paige Films mixers foster a safe environment for women or female-identifying folk who work in the Hollywood entertainment industry to mingle, network, and have a blast with like-minded individuals. It's time to celebrate and empower each other in order to reach new heights!

Project type: Organization
Producer: Paige Blankenship

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On her way to visit her sick father, an adrift young woman, Riley Varick, hits a deer on the road and is forced to confront and accept her actions as a prerequisite for her father’s inevitable demise.

Director/Writer: Ani Schroeter
Producer: Myriam Schroeter
Director of Photography: Alexander Dynan

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Yoshi: Wake Up With Me

After learning about the death of his mentor on Facebook, Yoshi walks 8,800 miles to connect with her family and friends. But along his journey Yoshi discovers the courage to look inward and rectify his own past.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/Producer: Momo Lee Aoi

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You Don’t Know My Name

After being separated from his incarcerated mother at birth, Tommy Franklin searches for her identity while uncovering deep ancestral bloodlines. As he gets closer to this life-altering truth, he must navigate his way through systems designed to keep him in the dark.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/Writer/Producer: Tommy Franklin
Producer: Dawne Langford
Consulting Producer: Darcy McKinnon
Director of Photography: Zuri Obi
Composer and Sound Designer: Renee Copeland

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Young Filmmakers After School Film and Television Skills Development Program

Eliminating the Darkness, One Candle at a Time.

Project type: Organization
Director: Beverley Mitchell
Producer: Quinton Fredericks

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Your Opinion, Please

For nearly a decade, Montanans could participate in "Your Opinion, Please", a weekly public radio program that provided a platform for people to express their views live on-air. By juxtaposing audio clips from hundreds of episodes with contemporary footage of Montana, Your Opinion, Please will offer a compelling portrait of the program's impact, and the enduring importance of open communication.

Project type: Nonfiction Short
Director/Producer/Editor: Marshall Granger
Producer: Alana Waksman
Director of Photography: Lorin Granger

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Yurt (Dormitory)

Forced to leave the comfort of his middle class lifestyle at his father’s behest, twelve-year-old Ahmet is sent to an all-boys religious dormitory where he must navigate familial expectations, his religious obligations, and the childhood to which he so desperately clings.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Director/Writer: Nehir Tuna
Producer: Tanay Abbasoglu
Producer: Dorothe Beinemeier
Co-Producer: Thierry Lenouvel
Cinematographer: Florent Herry

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