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The Ringmaster

Alma feels she's finally found an escape from her uncomfortable family life when she joins an underground world of circus performers, but as she becomes the muse of its enigmatic ringmaster, the creative fantasy devolves into a prison that feels uncannily familiar...

Project type: Fiction Short
Director: Maya Albanese
Producer: Rebecca Maar
Producer: Lisa Crnic
Director of Photography: Caleb Heymann
Costume: Kit 'Pistol' Scarbo
Production Designer: Rene Vas

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The Rules (Zasady)

In a dystopian world, what are the rules for survival?

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director: Amanda Renee Knox
Lead Actor: Taylor Owen
Director of Photography: Michael Phillips
Sound Designer: Ben Wilkins
Composer: Esin Aydingoz

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The Seven Ages of Olajuwon

After being arrested in an FBI sting and labeled a domestic terrorist amidst the Ferguson protests, a once-promising student, father, artist, and activist leader comes home to his life and family after 6 years of federal incarceration. With over a decade of intimate footage, this film bears witness as Olajuwon questions the tactics and label of “Black Identity Extremist” used to put him away and learns to reconcile his tumultuous past with his hopeful future.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/Producer: Bobby Herrera
Producer: Aaron Bowden
Producer: Damon Davis

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The Shape of Truth

In 1952, a prominent Soviet scientist was arrested and pressured to sign a confession to save his family. Later, the Soviet regime executed him for telling the truth by openly criticizing the director of the science academy who adamantly promoted pseudo-science.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director/Producer: W. Y. Geng
Producer: Becca (Suh-Hee) Han
Cinematographer: Ming Jue Hu
Art Director: Eleanora Figueroa Steiner
Editor: Anya Khusnatdinova

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The Stolen Children

Upon adoption, filmmaker Elizabeth Jacobs was the only baby out of her fellow adoptees to not receive a single piece of information about her family background. Now, twenty one years later, she returns to Cambodia for the first time since childhood in order to uncover the truth about her adoption, as she is determined to find out why, and why her.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: Elizabeth Jacobs
Producer: Breanna Lynn
Assistant Director: Phoebe J Yung
Director of Photography: Britney Bautista
Sound Technician: Shorif Suhel
Cinematographer: Corey Clark
Sound Technician: Noah Penkrat
Cinematographer: Shalyn Delhaes
Gaffer: David Fernandez
Executive Producer: Darsh Thakker
Executive Producer: Avi Zephyra

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The Story Won’t Die

From unknown migrants to international pop-stars - we will explore how various refugee artists have risen above and triumphed over the disparate and desperate circumstances of their lives.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: David Henry Gerson
Producer: Odessa Rae
Executive Producer: Katherine LeFrak
Executive Producer: Ondi Timoner

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The Talk

A single father finds out his teenage daughter just got her first period so he goes into an adventure through an endless sanitary towel shelf to try to help her the best way he can.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Writer/Producer: Gabriela Lima
Producer: Kevin Aguirre
Co-Producer/Production Manager: Ana Luiza Leite
Editor: Rafael Franco

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The Untitled Pageant Documentary

A documentary film that explores beauty pageant culture through the lens of a former contestant.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/Producer: Mandi Reno-Matarrese
Producers: Joseph and Phillip Matarrese

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The Waltz

A young trans successful businesswoman is not having the same luck with dating men. When she starts a dance class to learn how to waltz and finds a new friend and course partner she doesn't want to get her hopes too high, but it is not easy for someone as romantic as she is.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Development
Producer: Ava Davis
Director: Hillary R. Heath
Producer: Madison Hatfield
Cinematographer: Abijeet Achar
Editor/Producer: Nicole Kemper
Associate Producer: Jamie Dion
Associate Producer: Clarinda D'Cruz
Associate Producer: Jason Gonsalves
Production Designer: Crystal Jin Kim
Costume Designer: Alan Yeong-Marcello

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The Woman from Hamburg

A Jewish woman takes shelter in the closet of a Polish couple in 1943. A child is soon born and their lives are irrevocably changed.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director: Michael Masarof
Producer: Sharon Barnes

Associate Producer: Richard Paddor

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The Yellow Wallpaper

When a depressed young writer in the late 19th century is restricted by her well-intentioned physician husband to a summer of bed rest in a remote country estate, her isolation — and marriage — sets in motion her descent into madness.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Writer/Director/Producer: Kevin Pontuti
Producer/Lead Actor: Alexandra Loreth

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There is No Line

A documentary short exposing an unsettling truth: The United States no longer welcomes the “tired, poor, huddled masses” we’re telling to “get in line” for the American dream. There is no line anymore, not for them.

Project type: Nonfiction Short
Director: Sharon Boeckle
Executive Producer: Matt Cameron

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This Crooked World

This Crooked World is a deliciously playful thriller that follows two women and the nefarious characters pursuing them across the US-Mexico border. It draws inspiration from Fargo, Snatch, and Thelma & Louise.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Producer: Lisa Donmall-Reeve
Producer: Tom Wilton
Director: Maria McIndoo

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This Is Your Song

On the night of their wedding anniversary, a bohemian theatre actress and a beatnik inspired writer confront the strife of their relationship, dreams and the city they once loved.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Director/Writer/Producer: Hassan Said
Producer: Masha Karpoukhina
Writer: Lourdes Figueroa
Cinematographer: Peggy Peralta

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Three (Extra)Ordinary Women

Pearlette, Tammy and Terry are Three (Extra)Ordinary Women of color who collectively have overcome poverty, abuse, systemic racism, and political occupation. The film will explore their life stories and how the parallels between the Palestinian occupation and Jim Crow in the United States have equally disenfranchised people of color. Braving their biggest physical obstacle yet – climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro– will show women of color can accomplish anything.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: Cionin Lorenzo
Executive Producer: Pearlette J Ramos
Director of Photography: Nick Kalisz
Cinematographer: Steve Vanderheide

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Thus: The Conclusion

An experimental long-form visual poem about a solo female traveler reflecting on the principles of human existence through a woman’s lens. Her fragmented memories are juxtaposed with natural imagery captured from Iceland and Africa. The two polar opposite locations visually represent the cognitive dissonance in us all.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/WriterProducer/Editor: Aimee Jennings

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To the Land

To the Land follows three friends and their small organic farm located on the California Coast. Over the course of a year, Brisa Ranch faces challenges and setbacks that put not only their friendship and farm at risk, but the very land they call home.

To the Land is a cinema verité portrayal of the struggles and joys found on the land and the resilience of those who grow the food that feeds our country.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: Katie Bancroft
Producer: Libby Hart

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Too Soon: The Comedy of 9/11

They say Tragedy + Time = Comedy. In the aftermath of 9/11, humor remained America’s most vital tool against fear, anger, and pain. Too Soon is the twenty-year chronology of how comedy stopped completely, slowly regained its footing, and finally grew bigger and more powerful than ever, allowing all of us to unite and heal in the process.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: Nick Scown
Producer: Julie Seabaugh

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After surviving a violent attack by an anti-science extremist, a dedicated public health researcher must defend her controversial health study on a major news show. As she struggles to hold herself together, she is torn between protecting herself and fighting for the greater good.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director/Producer: Terra Wellington
Consulting Producer: Nina Martinek
Composers: Alexa L. Borden and Connor Cook

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A father and son in tornado country find themselves in parallel dreams, chasing the eye of a storm they fear holds a troubling family secret.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Producer: David Connor
Director: John Fairchild
Cinematographer: Matthew Shoichi Wilder

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