On the whole, men are more good than bad; that, however, isn’t the real point. Because now I realized I’m no more than a stranger to myself.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Development
Writer/Director: Jiin F. Chang
Producer: Bright Chang
Director of Photography/VFX Supervisor: Ryan Tester
Director of Photography: Nathan Shuttleworth
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A runaway man returns to Alaska to visit his ailing mother amidst a family rift leads to an unexpected entanglement with the homeless community and the revelation of a long-buried family secret that threatens to upend his entire life.


After leaving Alaska in an effort to escape a traumatic incident involving his older brother Doug, Guy decides to come home after receiving a call from the hospital about his ill mom.

Upon his return, a long-buried family tensions swept up. In a strange twist of fate, he becomes entangled with Denali, an enigmatic woman in the world of homelessness, who introduces him to an unfamiliar community that holds the secret of his own fractured family. Little does Guy know, Denali is actually Doug’s ex-lover, and she has an ulterior motive for getting close to Guy. Despite the conflict Denali causes, Guy becomes ensnared by her motives.

Oblivious to the circumstances and not on good terms with his brother, Guy works towards the family secret that has long made him a stranger towards himself. As he delves deeper into his family past, he uncovers a web of secrets that cast doubt on everything he thought he knew about himself and his kin. His search for the truth leads him to the homeless community of Anchorage, where he discovers shocking revelations of a tragic accident that happened to the family. Meanwhile, when Denali’s attempt to rebuild her relationship with Doug fails, she makes a drastic move that forces Doug to face his long-held past. Now, Guy is forced to confront his brother, and make a decision that will change his reality forever.

Drawing inspiration from the esoteric framework of film noir, Stranger utilizes non-linear storytelling to explore themes of “stranger” resulting from complex human relations. Exploring the human experiences that connect us all and to challenge the negative perceptions that too often shape our interactions with one another. As a timeless story, it challenges audiences to question the nature of identity, both literally and figuratively.

Meet the Filmmakers

Jiin F. Chang – Writer/Director
Jiin F. Chang, born into a Taiwanese household, gained worldly experiences through his family’s moves to different countries. He pursued Fine Art programs in Taiwan and the UK, developing a strong visual sensitivity. Using painting and photography, he tells stories through images, a universal language. His graduation portfolio received eight Regional and two National Gold Medals from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

In 2017, Jiin’s family relocated to Alaska, where he discovered his passion for filmmaking, the seventh art that allows him to express his true voice. His directorial debut, the short film Sean with a Young Smile, earned recognition from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with Best Fictional Story and Best Director at the Two Oceans Film Festival. He has since directed several award-winning short films, including In The Frontier the Flower Is Quiet (2019), J’ai Tué Vincent (2019), and Reversal (2021).

During his higher education, Jiin explored creative writing and journalism, realizing the significant impact of cinema on culture and society. Cinema can entertain, challenge, provoke, and serve as a reflection of the human experience. Inspired by his relationship with Alaska and his quest for identity, Jiin spent the past three years developing his first feature-length screenplay.

Bright Chang – Producer
Feng-Yao (Bright) Chang is an emerging filmmaker with a diverse background in business administration and marketing. Starting as a production assistant, Bright worked her way up to Assistant Director, and eventually to Producer on several award-winning short films like Sean With a Young Smile (2017) which was acclaimed for Best Fictional Story from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) student awards, and Two Oceans Film Festival. Fake Sucks (2022) BLIA International short film Competition in Honorable Mention. She also showcased her talent as an actress in the short film, In The Frontier the Flower Is Quiet (2019), earning recognition at the Chinese American Film Festival with the Golden Angel Award.

Resides in Alaska, Bright actively promotes and revitalizes filmmaking in the community through her involvement with the Alaska Filmmakers organization. She has worked in development for several production companies co-producing several award-winning pictures. Her passion for film is matched by her desire to create impactful stories that inspire societal change. She is inspired to produce films that focus on identity and cultural diversity, demonstrating her commitment to telling stories that resonate with a wide range of audiences.

Ryan Tester – Director of Photography/VFX Supervisor
Ryan is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker specializing in cinematography, editing, and visual effects (VFX). His remarkable talent has garnered him numerous accolades, including winning an Emmy for the PSA You See (2017) as Cinematographer and Editor. He also received a Golden Telly Award for his cinematography in the MTA campaign Connect to What Drives You (2021).

Apart from his expertise in cinematography and editing, Ryan is also a trailblazer in the field of VFX. His remarkable skills as a VFX supervisor have contributed to the success of numerous award-winning films like Bags (2017) and Explorandum (2021) earned him recognition, including a National Student Emmy and the Best VFX award at the Dream Machine International Film Festival. His latest film, Dreamer Search (2023), has been selected for several film festivals, including the Anchorage International Film Festival and Lyons International Film Festival.

Ryan’s extensive knowledge in visual effects (VFX) empowers him to create and manipulate film imagery, enhancing the sense of realism in visual storytelling. This unique strength allows him to perceive cinematography from a different perspective, opening up new dimensions and expanding the possibilities of practical filmmaking.

Nathan Shuttleworth – Director of Photography
Nathan Shuttleworth, a highly acclaimed cinematographer, has become renowned for his exceptional ability to capture the essence of nature through his lens. From a young age, Nathan’s fascination with the untamed wilderness sparked his love for cinematography, setting him on a path of exploration and adventure.

With extensive experience across feature films, television productions, reality TV, and broadcast news, Nathan has ventured to breathtaking and challenging locations, fearlessly facing the unpredictable forces of nature. His strengths lie in his adaptability and fearlessness, allowing him to thrive in remote environments and present his unique perspective to the world.

Notable among his projects is In the Frontier the Flower is Quiet (2019), where Nathan served as the Director of Photography. The film’s official selection at the Chinese American Film Festival in 2019 solidified his reputation as a masterful cinematographer. In another remarkable venture, his role as Director of Photography in J’ai Tue Vincent (2019) earned the film the esteemed Judges’ Choice award at the Anchorage 5-day Film Royal Competition. Another standout venture was his involvement in the popular series Gold Rush. As camera operator, he fearlessly documented mining operations in the untamed wilderness of Alaska and Yukon, earning him the prestigious Outstanding Camera Support Award.

Outside of filmmaking, Nathan is an adventurer at heart. His exploration of various terrains—be it land, mountains, oceans, or even the skies—has allowed him to develop a unique aesthetic that permeates his work. These personal expeditions not only fuel his artistic vision but also provide him with firsthand experiences and insights that enrich his cinematography.

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