The Chosen One

It's much easier to shave your beard than to shed who you are.

Project type: Narrative Short
Project status: Development
Director/Writer/Producer: Elazar Fine
Producer: Kale Davidoff
Producer: Jake Bridgman
Director of Photography: Noah Graham
Editor: Harrison Jeffs
Efrayim: Luzer Twersky
Stephanie: Malky Goldman
Twitter: @ChosenOneFilm

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After impulsively shaving off his beard and sidelocks, a young Hasidic man experiences a nightmarish transformation that leads him right back to where he started. Over the course of one painful night, Efrayim Eisenstein will come to realize that it’s much easier to shave your beard than to shed who you are.


After impulsively shaving off his beard and sidelocks, Efrayim Eisenstein is violently thrown out of his family home. He finds refuge with his estranged, ex-religious aunt Stephanie, but flees her apartment in the middle of the night after she walks in on him in a particularly shameful moment.

Stumbling through the streets in a fragile state of mind, Efrayim experiences a nightmarish transformation that leads him right back to where he started.

Over the course of this one painful night, Efrayim will come to realize that it’s much easier to shave your beard than to shed who you are.

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Meet the Filmmakers

Elazar Fine — Director/Writer/Producer

Elazar Fine is an award-winning writer and director. He grew up in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and spent his formative years studying ancient Aramaic texts in yeshiva boarding schools. He credits his love for writing, and film in particular, for helping him leave his fundamentalist background. After leaving yeshiva, he attended Emerson College in Boston, from which he graduated in 2018 with a degree in Media Arts Production. His feature script, Bad Jews, won Emerson College’s award for Outstanding Writing for Film in 2018, and his pilot script The Chosen One was nominated for Outstanding Writing for TV. In addition, Bad Jews was recently rated among the top 5% of writer-submitted scripts on the Black List’s writer’s website.

Kale Davidoff — Producer

Kale Davidoff has worked in the film industry for more than a decade in a slew of production capacities. He has a variety of experience, from coordinating independent music videos to working in production offices of big budget features. He recently produced his first feature film, New Money, which was released by Gravitas Ventures in 2019. New Money premiered at the Black Nights Film Festival in 2017 and won the Audience Choice Award for Narrative Features at the 2018 Indie Memphis Film Festival. Kale lives in Los Angeles, but he loves Detroit.

Jacob Bridgman — Producer

Jacob Bridgman is the producer of The Chosen One. He grew up in western Massachusetts, and studied ilm production at Emerson, where he was one of the producers of 8 Billion Angels, a feature environmental documentary about consumption. Working both in fiction & nonfiction, He has produced over a dozen shorts in the past 5 years. He currently lives in Los Angeles and works at SMUGGLER, an internationally recognized commercial & music video company.

Noah Graham — Director of Photography

Noah Graham is an award winning Director of Photography, Steadicam Operator and Drone Operator. His love for visual storytelling, and the power of cinematic engagement keeps him motivated and seeking out stories that he believes critical for the world to hear. Noah has worked with a wide range of clients from NBC, MSNBC, NowThis, and ESPN, to Calvin Klein, NYC MTA, Boston Preservation Alliance, as well as many independent films. Noah is the owner of Steadi Eye Productions which is known for specialized camera movement systems from Steadicam and drone, to gimbal operating and jib.

Harrison Jeffs — Editor

Harrison Jeffs is a filmmaker, editor, and videographer located in Los Angeles. He currently works as the head editor for 60 Second Docs, one of the internet’s top documentary series with over 9 million followers and an average of 250 million monthly views. Since graduating from Emerson College in 2018, Harrison’s clients have included Lionsgate, Hulu, Focus Features, Participant Media, IFC Films, Go Fund Me, and Save the Children. He has also won a Webby Away, a James Beard Award, and a Shorty Award for his work.

Luzer Twersky — “Efrayim”

Luzer Twersky is an actor, writer, and occasional musician. He was raised as a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn, NY and broke away from his community in 2007 to become a professional actor. He starred in the 2016 film Felix & Meira, for which he was nominated for a Canadian Jutra Award. The following year, Luzer was the subject of the Netflix documentary One of Us, which follows him as he pursues his acting career and deals with the ramifications of leaving the Hasidic community. It was shortlisted for an Academy Award nomination in 2018. Later that year, Luzer starred in “Derech,” an episode of the HBO Anthology series High Maintenance. He is also an accomplished stage actor, working regularly with the New Yiddish Rep in New York.

Malky Goldman — “Stephanie”

Malky Goldman is an actor and artist currently located in New York City. Originally from Jerusalem, she relocated to the United States to study and graduated from Hunter College with a Degree in Fine Art. Her most recent acting work includes The Vigil (Blumhouse), Unorthodox (Netflix), and High Maintenance (HBO). Malky is also an accomplished stage actor, having starred in the New Yiddish Rep’s acclaimed stage productions of Rhinoceros and God of Vengeance.

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