The Talk

Talk about it, period.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Director/Writer/Producer: Gabriela Lima
Producer: Kevin Aguirre
Co-Producer/Production Manager: Ana Luiza Leite
Editor: Rafael Franco
Facebook: TheTalkShortFilm2021
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A single father finds out his teenage daughter just got her first period so he goes into an adventure through an endless sanitary towel shelf to try to help her the best way he can.


In the spirit of the Netflix movie, FATHERHOOD, THE TALK explores the relationship of a father and daughter after the mother has passed. this short explores how the single father deals with his daughter experiencing her first period.

We open on a morning of quiet chaos in the home of Brayden, a musician and earnest single father. With memories of happier times weighing upon him, Brayden is momentarily stumped by a blip in the usual pattern of his early morning routine: The bathroom door is locked.

The bathroom remains occupied as Brayden starts to put the house in order. Brayden is puzzled by this until a hunt for laundry leads him to his hard-of-hearing teenage daughter Ana’s room, where he finds that her mattress has been stripped of bedding. Putting two and two together, Brayden returns to the bathroom, this time, listening carefully at the door to the sound of running water. Inside, a panicked and tear-stricken Ana scrubs her sheets in the sink. Her first period has caught her entirely unprepared.

The absence of Brayden’s wife and Ana’s mother hangs over both in this moment; as on either side of the door, they struggle to find a way to connect: Ana, painfully needing parental guidance but unsure how to ask for it from her father; Brayden, sensing that need but feeling ill-equipped to provide.

Determination propels Brayden out the door on a mission to the local pharmacy. There, he is quickly – though understandably – overwhelmed by the towering shelves of menstrual products and, like his daughter, unsure how to ask for help or guidance. After some stumbling attempts to research brands and covertly mimic the choices and actions of other shoppers, Brayden is unexpectedly aided by the quiet mercy of strangers

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Meet the Filmmakers

Gabriela Lima – Director/Writer/Producer

Gabriela Lima is a Latina filmmaker from Brazil, she writes and directs projects focused on people of her own culture and their stories. She is currently making waves in the film industry by working on major productions such as Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and the emmy winning show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Her latest short film, Soundproof, has been going through the film festival circuit winning awards such as “Best Short” in the Key West Film Festival, “Best Director” in the Los Angeles Film Festival and “Best Actor in a short” in the Sherman Oaks Film Festival. She hopes to continue bringing forward more representation for women, latinos and people of color.

Kevin Aguirre – Producer

A Hispanic-American born and raised in Miami, FL where he found his passion for filmmaking has since made waves producing and directing. Working in a large variety of projects such as music videos for Bon Jovi and Todrick Hall, as well as scripted movies like Run and Embattled. Kevin sees the line that most men don’t want to cross when simply speaking about menstrual cycles and wants to work to change it. It’s not embarrassing, it’s not gross, it just exists.

Álvaro Fernández – Producer

Fernández is a vastly experienced producer and line producer who has delivered dozens of projects to completion over the past decade. He is particularly skilled in navigating the difficult terrain of international co-productions, having filmed in over ten countries. Álvaro‘s credits include the documentaries Who Are The Marcuses?; Artur Schnabel: No Place of Exile, for Arte and RBB; Wittgenstein’s Repertoire; and Mosolov’s Suitcase. Álvaro has also overseen national commercial spots for clients such as Pinterest, Roku, DirecTV, Best Buy, and TCL — including two recent campaigns with NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Ana Luiza Leite – Co-Producer/Production Manager

Ana Luiza is an experienced production manager and producer. Driven by her passion injustice and giving back, her goals include making a difference in people’s lives and leaving her mark in the industry. She takes pride in her Brazilian background and feels the need to help women succeed, knowing how difficult it can be for those who didn’t have privileged backgrounds.

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