Three (Extra)Ordinary Women

Project type: Documentary Feature
Project status: Production
Director: Cionin Lorenzo
Co-Producer: Pearlette Ramos
Executive Producer: Sheena Wiley
Executive Producer: Frank Anderson
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Pearlette, Tammy and Terry are Three (Extra)Ordinary Women of color who collectively have overcome poverty, abuse, systemic racism, and political occupation. The film will explore their life stories and how the parallels between the Palestinian occupation and Jim Crow in the United States have equally disenfranchised people of color. Braving their biggest physical obstacle yet – climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro– will show women of color can accomplish anything.


The feature documentary Three (Extra)Ordinary Women tells the story of three women of color who collectively survived abuse, poverty, and oppression yet became successful women determined to give back. Theirs are but three examples of how systemic racism in the United States and the Palestinian occupation continue to disenfranchise people of color. The film follows them today as middle-aged women embarking on their most challenging physical quest yet –summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. The path they’ve chosen to take, the Machame Route, has one of the highest success rates. But these women were not given the same path in life- they were born into situations that gave them the least chances of survival. As they make their way up the dormant volcano for seven days the film will dive deep into their past using a mixture of animation, personal photos, home videos, and archival footage as they narrate the twists and turns of their life paths while trekking up the mountain- and inspire other women to do the same. Terry, a Palestinian American, Tammy an African American, and Pearlette, an Afro Latina, are determined to push themselves to any extreme necessary to change the mainstream narrative by example.

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Meet the Filmmakers

Cionin Lorenzo – Director

Cionin started her career at MTV Networks where for over 15 years she worked with numerous artists and celebrities for various programs, including as Director of two short documentaries on Shakira, and was one of the Directors of MTV Cribs for 5 years. As Supervising Producer, she oversaw a team of 40+ on the spin-off Teen Cribs. Recently, she was the story producer of the 2019 Imagen Award winning PBS Great Performances documentary John Leguizamo’s Road to Broadway, and a Co-Producer on the feature documentary Raúl Juliá: The World’s a Stage for the PBS American Masters series. She is currently directing two feature documentary films and has a slate of digital projects she is developing and consulting on that touch upon climate change, disabilities, and the arts.

Pearlette Ramos – Co-Producer

Dr. Pearlette J. Ramos is a transformational leader, lawyer, social justice and DEI advocate, and travel influencer. She co-leads a non-profit, Sisters Talk About Race, that brings women from a wide range of backgrounds together to give of their time, attention, and resources to ending systemic racism and changing the world through open-hearted conversations and inspired action. She also mentors law school students, facilitates women leadership development workshops and volunteers with various nonprofit groups and philanthropic organizations. Recently, she published her first book, The Travel Coach and Journal, which explores the transformative power of travel and encourages readers to stretch, learn and grow through engaging with nature and the world. Dr. Ramos, who worked for several years as a commercial litigator and in-house counsel, received her law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and her doctorate in Psychology from Saybrook University.

Sheena Wiley – Executive Producer

Sheena Wiley is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Tennessee State University. She then relocated to Virginia where she quickly moved into a career in broadcast as a news camera operator and freelancer. She decided that she also enjoyed being in front of the camera and producing projects, so she started producing and hosting for local shows. She has since relocated to Atlanta where she has been living for the past nine years. Inspired by the entertainment boom in Georgia, Sheena was determined to be a part of the action. With the help of her husband Sheena created Georgia Box Office, a TV series about the TV and film industry in Georgia currently on Amazon Prime.

Frank Anderson – Executive Producer

Frank worked as an avionics technician and shift supervisor while serving nine years in the Navy. He simultaneously produced his first regional TV show The Ki Anime Report which received high ratings and was in the top 5 podcasts on iTunes. He later relocated to Atlanta and received his BFA in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta and was hired on as a contractor at Georgia Public Broadcasting as a motion graphics artist where he’s been working full time since. He has received two Emmy nominations and worked on numerous television, film and documentary projects.

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