Secret Membership

This one's too good to keep under wraps. Here's the scoop...

What You Know

When you join Film Independent, you become part of a community with access to an incredible array of benefits. Plus, you can join as a Film Lover if your passion for movies knows no bounds, or, if you’re building a career in entertainment, you can become a Filmmaker Pro.

But, what do you do if you love experiencing films and you love making films? Well, the answer to that question is…

What You’re About to Find Out

We’re pulling the curtain back on the Secret Membership, which offers you the best of both worlds: all Film Lover benefits AND all Filmmaker Pro benefits, all in one package.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the full range of Membership perks, programs and resources, with no limitations. That’s right, you’ll get:

The best part? We’re offering all of these benefits at nearly 20% off the standard cost for Film Lover + Filmmaker Pro Membership.
It’s a deal so good, we’ll understand if you have a tough time deciding whether to share it with the world – or keep it a secret.
Now, all that’s left to do is become a Secret Member using this very average-sized link. On the other hand, may we invite you to: