Finding Kevorkian

How far would you go for your mother?

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Pre-Production
Writer/Director/Producer: Kim Putman
Producer: Brooke Gaston
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In 1997 Two estranged sisters come together to drive their terminally ill mother across the country for her to end her life.


It’s 1997, Bill Clinton is President, the Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl, Titanic ruled the box office and the controversial headline in the news is Jack Kevorkian aka Dr. Death with his assisted suicides.

Lydia is a Calabasas real estate powerhouse and puts the sale above any and all things, including her kids. Her younger, womanizing sister Piper barely scrapes by making surfboards. Their mother Marie, grapples with her terminal diagnoses and forcing her daughters to drive across the country so she can end her life.

There are emotional stops and proverbial land mines along the way. Not only will there be emotional punches but physical ones will be thrown as well before it’s all said and done. The anger and resentment both daughters have for their mother builds up to a boiling point while Marie is not only in a continual battle with her disease but also with her daughters.

Finding Kevorkian explores the meaning of the right to die and euthanasia. It deals with family dynamics and unconditional love. It’s uncovering the emotional journey it takes to say goodbye to a loved one. And the question, at what lengths would you go to for your mother?

Meet the Filmmakers

Kim Putman — Writer/Director/Producer
Kim Putman is a writer/director/producer based in Los Angeles. Her short film The Bitterness took home Best Short at the Reel Women International Film Festival, the Director’s Cut and East Lansing Film Festival. Her short 4 Walls was a Silver Ace award winner at the Las Vegas Film Festival. Her feature script Finding Kevorkian was a finalist in the Virtue Film Group screenplay competition and her short script Fake Empire took 2nd place in the Fresh Voices competition. She produced the short film The Mortuary that won Best Actor in a Short for Bill Cobbs at the Great Lakes Film Festival. By day she is a commercial production manager working throughout the US and internationally with award winning directors and companies. Kim graduated from Michigan State University and attended New York University’s Tisch summer film program. She is also EP/Partner of the Chicago production company Motive Films.

Brooke Gaston — Producer
Brooke Gaston is an award-winning commercial producer based in Chicago. She started her career in television on The Drew Carey Show and later jumped into film and commercials. She UPM’d the feature Act of Valor starring active-duty Navy Seals. She has produced NBC Super Bowl spots for Spike Lee to the Cannes Lions award-winning Teddy Gun about unregulated gun laws. Her short film she produced The Mortuary won Best Actor in a short for Bill Cobbs at The Great Lakes Film Festival. She is also EP/Partner of the Chicago production company Motive Films.

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