Seeing your parent as a person for the first time

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Development
Writer/Director: C.A. Barrow
Producer: Robin Rose Singer
Director of Photography: Wenting Fisher
Sound Designer: Kyle Murdock
Composer: Ebenezer Eferobor
Art Director: Ariel Edwards
Email: ca@cthfilms.com
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A quiet, college wrestler struggles to save his home from foreclosure, protect his younger sister and cope with the return of their absentee mother.


Damani is a college freshman on wrestling scholarship. He’s a loner who keeps people at a distance. He’s been this way since his father David lost everything in the housing crash which led to his mom, Margaret, abandoning the family. They now live with Damani’s 16 year old sister Melody in David’s old house in a bad part of the Bronx where David and Margaret grew up. Due to unfair property valuations, David couldn’t pay the inflated property taxes and a lien was placed on the house. The stress of potentially losing a second home was too much and David succumbs to a massive heart attack.

Damani suddenly finds himself in charge of saving his home and taking care of his sister with whom he neglected to develop a relationship. With six months before they have to leave, they take different avenues to find a solution. Damani works with a housing justice counsellor and takes a part time job while Melody chooses to go to the neighborhood crime boss. This inevitably leads to trouble for the siblings. On top of everything, Margaret returns to reconcile with her children. The only chance they have of succeeding is if they stop running from their problems, each other and come together as a family.

Meet the Filmmakers

C.A. Barrow – Writer/Director
C.A. Barrow is a producer and screenwriter with experience working in film and arts development. A graduate of Howard University’s MFA Film program, he has produced award-winning, thought-provoking short films that focus on identity and belonging. He is a 2021 BTFC Black Producers fellow, 2022 Film Independent Project Involve producing fellow and a 2023 FilmNation x WGA East NY Screenwriting fellow. When he isn’t working you can find him hiking, kickboxing or reading architecture & design magazines.

Robin Rose Singer – Producer
Robin is a Brooklyn-based producer. She works in narrative, documentary, TV, and commercials. Her work has played at several major festivals. Robin has also produced on behalf of Amazon Studios, Netflix, VicelandTV, A+E, NBC/Universal, and other notable studios/distributors.

Wenting Fisher – Director of Photography
Wenting Fisher is a visual storyteller specializing in cinematography and directing. She earned her MFA from the Ohio University School of Film and has spent years training in painting and calligraphy. This multi-discipline upbringing shapes her lighting and composition philosophy in cinematography. Finding and developing an effective and impactful cinema language is her passion and forte when working with directors. She is a participant of the BAFTA Newcomers, a mentee of the ASC Vision Mentorship Program, and a cinematography fellow of Film Independent Project Involve 2023.

Kyle Murdock – Sound Designer
A self-proclaimed “audio creative”, Kyle Murdock is a sound designer with several awards for both his work in podcasting and film under his belt, including an Emmy and a Third Coast Audio award. He has worked professionally in sound for 20 years, touring nationally and internationally as a DJ, and with his band Panacea, as well as lending his distinctive sound to his work at XM Satellite Radio and most recently Vice.

Ebenezer Eferobor – Composer
Ebenezer is a Los Angeles-based composer. He is driven by an unwavering commitment to creativity, innovation, and the power of connection, and is highly appreciated for his insightful and creative approach to storytelling. Ebenezer is open to projects that advance the narrative function of sound in media.

Ariel Edwards – Art Director
Ariel is an event planner and designer whose love of film and television brought her to production design. Her philosophy is always to let the story guide her to the design! The story always gives you the truth and it is up to you as an artist to listen to that truth. If you do the results will never be wrong!

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