After being rejected from seemingly everything, a city teenager finds themself in The Woods with an inspiring stranger.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Post Production
Writer/Director/Producer: Pavli Serenetsky (fka Brielle Brilliant)
Producer: Lauren Sharifi
Producer: Rob Allen
Producer: Carol Hu
Email: contactbriellehere@gmail.com
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After being rejected from seemingly everything, 18 year old Aiko finds themself living in The Woods with an inspiring, potentially dangerous, stranger.


In both the film’s narrative and production, M.B.P. characters and collaborators practice an experience of both freedom and connection. As individuals and residents of the planet, simultaneously.

M.B.P. is thus both a fun, darkly comedic film about a teenage outcast, who finds unexpected connection in the Earthen community, as well as a regenerative, planet & people-care focused instructional manual.

Meet the Filmmakers

Brielle Brilliant – Writer/Director/Producer
Pavli Serenetsky (aka Brielle Brilliant) is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who makes films, books, and other immersive experiences. Their debut feature, Firstness, screened at MoMA in New York in June 2023 and received The Grand Jury Prize for US Narrative Features at Outfest 2021. They are the author of The Spud (Featherproof Books) and The Curtsy Family (Thoughtcrime Press), which won The Lorien Book Prize in 2018. They co-founded the mutual aid collective Purpose Repair Shop in 2022, where they help operate its’ Earthen-focused Locations Department and facilitate workshops with Sua Yoo. They combine their degree in Philosophy with their art/Earthen practices to build and advocate for more inspiring, connective structures. They currently work as an Environmental Educator at The Resource Conservationist District in Los Angeles and are making their next film/book.

Lauren Sharifi – Producer
Lauren Sharifi is a connoisseur of all things moving-image, with a focus on activism, inclusion, and the absurd. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Studies and a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies. She currently works as a Producer in the video production department at Sony Music. She was also the producer for the films Like a House on Fire and Albedo, Or Apples & Oranges, as well as for a digital short for Netflix. Second to watching films, her favorite activity is studying Farsi, her father’s native language.

Car(o)l Hu – Producer
Car(o)l Hu is a first generation Taiwanese-American transdisciplinary artist and filmmaker. In the past, they have been known by c.hu, carl1network, one-half of the sculpture duo kukuchu, one-third of the wares collective pear ware, and writer and director of Blue God 1: Into the Dirt, Pink (2016) and Blue God 2: My Letter Tenderly (2018). They live and work in NYC and spend most of their time walking, welding and looking at the sky.

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