Mighty Punch

Mighty Has To Be Mighty

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Post Production
Writer/Director: Nic Leb
Producer: Cole Issacson
Director of Photography: Ethan Wen
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A recalled action figure enlists the help of an alpha male life coach in order to become the perfect man.


When the beloved action figure toy line Mighty Punch is unexpectedly recalled, the ‘perfect action figure’ Mighty finds himself discarded and forgotten. From the depths of a dumpster, he emerges to encounter Maximus, a self-proclaimed messiah. Maximus offers Mighty an irresistible proposition: follow his guidance, and he will mold him into the perfect man, so perfect that Mighty can overcome his recall. As Mighty embarks on this transformative journey, he grapples with Maximus’ teachings and begins to question what it truly means to be the perfect man.

Meet the Filmmakers

Nic Leb – Writer/Director
Nic Leb is a Canadian-American artist, producer, writer, and actor with roots in the heart of the Midwest. An alum of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Nic focuses on the intersection of art, advocacy, and humor. Passionate about storytelling, Nic is dedicated to highlighting diverse stories and experiences, often using comedy as a powerful tool to address relevant issues.

Cole Issacson – Producer
Cole Issacson is a New York City-based writer and producer known for his sharp comedic sensibility and unique storytelling ability. As a graduate of NYU Gallatin, he continues to foster creativity and innovation in the world of comedy and entertainment.

Ethan Wen – Director of Photography
Ethan Wen is a Taiwanese-American Cinematographer currently based in New York City and an alum of Film & Television studies at NYU. He has shot numerous narrative shorts during his time in school, but has also found his footing in commercials and music videos. He especially values films that depicts complex interpersonal connections of the everyday life and he’s super excited to bring Mighty Punch to life.

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