For those pesky messes you're just dying to get rid of...

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Complete
Writer/Director: Phil Tice
Producer: Rudy Scalese

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An homage to gritty 70s horror, Stain-Free is the story of Billie, a crippled police officer-turned-illicit crime scene cleaner who struggles to hold onto her humanity while covering up the murders perpetrated by her mysterious Employer.


We meet Billie and her wife Janelle as they eat dinner, Billie preparing for another
long night shift. They argue about Billie’s Catholic upbringing, where we see
the crucifix pendant Billie carries with her at all times. Lincoln interrupts to 
pick up Billie for her ‘shift’.

Lincoln drives Billie to a run-down apartment, where they discover the dead 
body of Misty, one of the Employer’s victims. They clean the house and drive
 the body to a port to dispose of the evidence with Billie forced to ride in the
 backseat with the corpse. Despite her reservations, Billie is paid well for her

We watch Billie continue to lead her double life, supporting and spoiling 
Janelle with the money she earns from her crime scene cleaning. However,
as Lincoln asks her to perform more grisly assignments as the Employer’s
 murders become increasingly violent, Billie begins to experience guilt-fueled

When Billie responds to a cryptic text from the Employer about an ‘urgent
 assignment’, she arrives to find Lincoln horribly dismembered – a victim of the 
Employer himself, revealed to be an ancient vampire. However, it soon 
becomes clear that the Employer is dying, unable to hold down blood, and
 he uses the last of his strength to beg Billie to kill him. Billie takes pity on the
 creature and puts the Employer out of his misery, cleaning the scene to
 ensure the creature’s existence remains secret. 

Meet the Filmmakers

Phil Tice — Director/Writer
Phil Tice is a New Jersey native turned LA transplant that has been writing and directing short-form projects for over five years. Graduating from Emerson College with a degree in Film Writing, he has worked both in front of and behind the camera as actor, director, and special effects makeup artist, giving him a unique perspective into the film word and especially the world of horror. Phil’s last project, The Wisp, was screened at the Desert Rocks Film and Music Festival in California in 2017.

Rudy Scalese — Producer
Rudy Scalese is another Emerson College alum and veteran of the horror genre, having worked with production companies like Crypt TV and developed projects like Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film and his own feature debut Seeing Green, which premiered in 2018.


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