Tenants of Carver Hill

An overnight stay becomes an eternal nightmare.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Pre-Production
Director/Writer: Hollis Sherman-Pepe
Producers: Hollis Sherman-Pepe, Jean Louise O'Sullivan, Scott Fleisher
Cinematographer: Nicholas Pietroniro
Website: farmersdaughterproductions.com
Email: Farmersdaughterpro@gmail.com
Facebook: @FarmerDaughterProductions
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An overnight stay becomes an eternal nightmare as a couple’s presence at Carver Hill sparks a supernatural force that refuses to release them.


When Tanner and Bella’s vintage bus breaks down, their cross-country adventure researching historical cemeteries comes to an abrupt halt. They’re forced to seek refuge at Carver Hill, a seemingly hospitable, albeit secluded old estate. The elderly tenants welcome them warmly, though they are surely withholding an arcane truth. Unaware of the supernatural forces surrounding the property, the stranded couple must confront the secrets of the house, making their temporary stay a haunting struggle to survive.

Meet the Filmmakers

Hollis Sherman-Pepe — Director/Producer/Writer
Hollis Sherman-Pepe is the owner of Farmer’s Daughter Productions, and has been a film industry professional for eleven years. Her first writer/producer project was the short film, Valediction (2012) which won nine awards including Best New Filmmaker at Philadelphia Independent Film Fest and Best Picture at L.A. International Underground Film Festival. This snowballed her career as a writer, director, producer and she has since gone on to create more award winning short films (Best Picture – 2018 L.A. Under 5 Feedback Film Festevial; Best Experimental Film – 2018 California Women’s Film Festival, et al.) as well as direct web series content.

Hollis received a BFA in Theater Arts at The University of the Arts. Her acting career brought her to Los Angeles where she continued her education for the past ten years in screen-acting. She also has years of experience working on set as a 2nd AD, production assistant, and carpenter.

Tenants of Carver Hill will be her debut feature film. After its completion Hollis intends to shoot her poignant feature length screenplay Right-Hand Man about a young gay boy escaping a bad situation with his hapless but scrappy mother. She is also co-writing a television pilot.

Scott Fleisher — Producer
Scott Fleisher has been working in the industry for over 20 years in NY & LA. Having produced many commercials and short films, he is excited to get back to his roots in narrative feature filmmaking.

Jean Louise O’Sullivan — Producer/Casting Director
With a commitment to storytelling that spans twenty years as an actress, writer, and producer, Jean Louise is thrilled to put her efforts behind this project that aligns with her mission of advancing the work of female filmmakers. Recent credits include the award-winning short film Troy and creating the world’s most viral videos with MrBeast.

Nicholas Pietroniro – Cinematographer
With a passion for all things cinematography, camera, and lighting, horror films have always been his favorite genre. Horror has influenced Nick’s style of embracing shadow to enhance the mood. Nicholas dreamed of working in film since he was ten-years-old. “Any day spent getting to bring a story to life is a good one.”

Katerina Gerlach — First Assistant Director
Kat is a midwest-born freelance director and AD. She began freelancing full-time immediately upon graduating from University with a degree in directing and producing. She now lives on the road, working on narrative films all over the country and is excited to call Tenants of Carver Hill her tenth feature.

Joey Paul — Production Sound
Working as a production sound mixer for twelve years, Joey has had the opportunity to be involved in everything from interviews to feature films. With a strong understanding of acoustic science, he enjoys providing technical solutions to a creative environment. “Every environment is different, I do my best to control what I can, and get the best recordings possible.”

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