The Door

"We serve food and drinks. We can't make you like yourselves."

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director: Adam Guerino
Cinematographer: Matthew Lynn
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At the front door of LA’s trendiest restaurant, cliches collide as everyone from the staff to the guests want something unattainable from each other.


We follow influencers and fashionistas as they make their way to the host stand at the front door of LA’s trendiest restaurant, The Door. Inside the restaurant, everyone speaks their mind with a candor that betrays niceties or pretense which creates a surreal world and unique language. As they plead their case for special treatment to impress a date or get more followers, the host and staff have their own ambitions outside the restaurant. Even the two hosts compete for the same role as the tables dwindle and the competition intensifies. When tensions come to a boil, the head host receives news that she was cast in a role that could mean not having to work in the service industry any longer. This creates a dynamic shift with desperate guests and frantic co-workers alike. Leaving the job, she enters a fantastical world of possibility in an LA themed homage to Fellini’s famous finale for Nights of Cabiria. The ending serves as a tongue in cheek commentary that leaving the service industry is like surviving a life of prostitution. Have you worked in a restaurant or wondered about the inner workings? Like White Lotus meets The Bear, this unflinching dark comedy is for you.

Meet the Filmmakers

Adam Guerino – Writer/Director
Adam Guerino is a writer, producer, and standup comedian based in Los Angeles. ​He has been called a “comedian-producer-genius” by Chicago Reader and has written everything from the award winning short movie Boyfriends, to the indie comic book series Jooni Fringe, the twice staged multimedia play Mattress Matters, and the comic strip Braces. ​He is the creator of Outloud Chicago which installed queer entertainment in mainstream and historic Chicago venues for over five years including Zanies Comedy Club, Metro Chicago, and The Hideout. With each story, whether told from the stage or on the page, Guerino strives to create compelling, original works that are authentic, inclusive, and transformative.

Matthew Lynn – Cinematographer
Matthew Lynn’s unique perspective has propelled him to tell stories on a larger scale. Beyond worldwide theatrical release, his work has been played at SXSW (2023 Audience Choice Winner), Cannes, Tribeca, TIFF, Frameline, Outfest and more while also receiving both Gotham and Queerty award nominations. After attending the American Film Institute Conservatory’s MFA program, Matthew traveled around the world with projects including feature films, documentaries, music videos, series, national commercials and has created original shows for Discovery Networks, Q-Digital and Dekkoo. He has also served as the cinematographer for work with QC Entertainment, NEON, Cadillac, Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Lush Cosmetics, Caitlyn Jenner, and The Tannenbuam Group. His calm, confident leadership skills bring a unique perspective to his work.

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