Talent Guide

Anna Vecellio

  • Discipline:Writer
  • Program Year:Episodic Lab 2021, Grants and Awards 2021


Anna Vecellio is a 2021 graduate of the American Film Institute MFA in Screenwriting program, and she received her BFA in Film and English from Boston College. An LGBTQIA+ screenwriter raised in Georgia, Anna’s work often explores the dichotomy of southern identity and flawed protagonists produced by such environments. Anna began her career in the industry as a short film programmer and screenplay competition director at the Oscar-qualifying Atlanta Film Festival. In addition to screenwriting, Anna is an avid fan of board games and often spends time DIY flipping furniture she finds discarded around LA. 

Current Project

Mary Mallon


Based on a true story. NYC, 1906. An ambitious doctor discovers the first typhoid carrier in America, sparking a conflict that will cement the name "Typhoid Mary" in history forever.