Talent Guide

Anya Meksin

  • Discipline:Director, Writer
  • Program Year:Screenwriting Lab 2019


Anya Meksin is a writer/director who uses genre as a vehicle for social criticism. Born in the former
Soviet Union, Meksin immigrated to the U.S. as an asylum-seeking refugee. She received a BA in
Literature from Yale and an MFA in Directing from Columbia. Her MFA thesis film “Temma” won an
Alfred P. Sloan Production Grant and Columbia’s Faculty Selects before screening at the Museum of
the Moving Image, the National Academy of Sciences, and festivals worldwide. Meksin’s short “Berated
Woman” screened at over 20 international festivals and was broadcast on Canada’s Out TV and
America’s Logo Network as part of “The Click List: Best in Short Film.” She was commissioned by the
Open Society Institute to create “Balka,” a documentary about the HIV crisis in Eastern Europe, which
has screened for over 3 million viewers online. Her most recent film, “The Professor,” won Best
Action/Adventure Short at Comic-Con International. Meksin’s sci-fi script “Taminex” was selected twice
for IFP’s Project Forum and won the 2017 Screencraft Fellowship. She was hired by Gidden Media to
write “The Algorithm,” a fight-the-system thriller about mass incarceration. Her sci-fi pilot script “Sea
Change” was selected for the 2017 NYTVF Script Competition.

Current Project



When a deadly pandemic plunges the city into an anti-immigrant panic, a young Iranian woman must go outside official channels and venture into the underbelly of a corrupt society to procure the only drug that can save her boyfriend’s life and her own—Taminex.