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Ben Gross

  • Discipline:Writer
  • Program Year:Grants and Awards 2020, Screenwriting Lab 2020


Writer Ben Gross is drawn to the gray areas of life, loves a gritty thrill, and true stories with stylistic flares. He holds a BA from UC Berkeley in InterdisciplinaryStudies with a focus in Economics and Business, and an MFA in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University. In late 2018, Ben was hired by Novoa and Novoa Films to scribe the independent drama Mijo/Son. The following director/producer Joel year Ben wrote his second commissioned feature, techno thriller Crypto Kings, for Crypto Kings LLC. He currently works as an assistant while working on new pilots and features.

Current Project



In a historic United States court case, an illegal immigrant battles for custody of her son with an American family who adopted him after her arrest by ICE agents.