Talent Guide

Bryan Terrell Clark

  • Discipline:Producer
  • Program Year:Fast Track 2022, Grants and Awards 2022


Bryan Terrell Clark is an accomplished producer, Broadway/TV/film actor and singer/songwriter. Bryan’s production company Artists Park Productions has a creative collaboration with INE Entertainment. Clark is the co-founder of inDEFINED, an initiative that inspires and teaches young people to use their voices to erase constrictive labels in our society. He is also the recipient of Voice for Social Justice Award & Visionary Award from Icon Talks and the Motion Picture Association.

Current Project

The Science of the Slam Dunk


The Science of the Slam Dunk is an unlikely buddy comedy about a 12-year-old Black science whiz who crosses paths with the NBA’s most notorious Flat Earther and makes it his mission to win the National Science Fair by convincing the basketball superstar that the world is, in fact, round.