Talent Guide

Carolina Costa

  • Discipline:Cinematographer
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2014


Carolina Costa considers herself based “on this planet.” Her passion for traveling, discovering new cultures and meeting new people go hand in hand with her passion for visual storytelling.

Costa is originally from Brazil, where she studied journalism and still photography. She moved to London in 2005 and received formal training in the camera department while pursuing her BA Honors Degree in Film Studies and Production. She earned her skills as a camera assistant under the tutelage of talented cinematographers all across Europe, and devoted herself to becoming one as well. She has shot one feature and various short films, music videos and fashion films, many of which have won awards and travelled the festival circuit internationally.

Her hunger for storytelling is not confined to the narrative form; she has collaborated with a number of artists to create installations and art films. She owes this cross-platform diversity to her upbringing where art openings and psychiatric events were part and parcel of her daily routine.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue her MFA at the American Film Institute as a Cinematography Fellow. Her thesis film Way In Rye has been nominated for the Student Academy Award, and her short film Contrapelo premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Her documentary Lea screened at the opening of Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative Conference after it being filmed in the City of God favela for Coca Cola’s 5by20 social program.

She looks forward to meeting new collaborators and shooting compelling stories.

Current Project



Work! is about dancer and choreographer Ryan Heffington, who changed the L.A. dance scene.