Talent Guide

Gabe Gabriel

  • Discipline:Writer/Director
  • Program Year:Fast Track 2023


Gabe is a queer South African filmmaker based between Cape Town and Los Angeles. He has penned feature films for Canada’s Fae Pictures and South Africa’s Nagvlug Films and his TV-writing experience spans Mother City, commissioned by MNET and Yash Raj Films’ The Mandala Murders for Netflix India. In 2021, Gabe made his directorial debut with South Africa’s first gay rom-com commissioned by Showmax. In 2022, his original screenplay Runs In The Family was awarded funding from Netflix, the NFVF, and Indigenous Films, and went on to win Best South African Feature Film at the 2023 Durban International Film Festival.

Current Project

Granny Lee


An outrageous white-passing trans femme disco-dancing granny in Apartheid South Africa befriends a deceased gay boy's affluent and conservative mother, in an attempt to crib funds for his community in dire need of assistance due to the rising HIV/AIDS crisis - unaware the grieving woman is on a crusade to enact revenge on the man she imagines infected her son.