Talent Guide

Garland McLaurin

  • Discipline:Cinematographer
  • Program Year:CNN Docuseries Intensive 2021, Project Involve 2022


Garland McLaurin is a Peabody Award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer. His love for storytelling comes from its power to artistically explore the complex and conflicting social and psychological layers of people and society. In 2020, he shot a narrative short film, American Triptych, Missed Connections and Ungubani (Who Are You?). McLaurin produced and shot POPS, a 12-episode web series funded by Independent Television Service Digital and the National Black Programming Consortium. He served as co-cinematographer on Wes Moore’s Coming Back documentary series for PBS and award-winning documentary filmmaker Yoruba Richen’s The New Black, which explores the fight for marriage equality in the African American community.