Talent Guide

Ignatius Lin

  • Discipline:Director, Writer
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2010


Born in Taiwan, Ignatius Lin relocated to Hong Kong when he was ten. There he fell in love with Hong Kong and Hollywood movies, and his love for cinema only intensified when he settled in Los Angeles two years later. While attending Amherst College, he wrote and directed his first feature, Shadows and Sound, an examination of cultural misunderstandings among college students. The film became a part of the college’s first-year seminar curriculum. Since graduating in 2004, he has directed videos for Cancer Society of America, McKinsey and Company, and Taiwanese American Cultural League. In 2007, Collin Chou (Matrix Reloaded) hired him to write a treatment. The following year, Lin directed episodes of a multimillion-dollar web series, The Scary City. He also directed the short New Filmmaking, a thriller about a man who risks his life videotaping a mass killing. Lin’s most recent work is Daniel Don’t Cry, a dark comedy about a mother who commits insurance fraud in order to fund her son’s college education. Lin chronicles his journey as a young director on damnexpensivepopcorn.blogspot.com.

Current Project

Stiff Corpse from China (Narrative Feature)


An updated, American take on a popular horror-comedy genre that took Asia by storm in the 80's. In that world, human beings are hunted down by jiangshi, which are reanimated corpses that hop around and suck their victims dry like vampires.