Talent Guide

Katja Esson

  • Discipline:Director, Producer
  • Program Year:Documentary Lab 2021


Katja Esson is an Academy Award® nominated filmmaker based in Miami and Havana who mixes documentary and narrative genres. Esson began her career in Miami as a production assistant for the notorious rap group 2 Live Crew. Since her days of wrangling booty-shaking babes, Esson has directed a variety of award-winning documentaries and short films. Born and raised in Germany, Esson brings a quirky European sensibility to the distinctively American subjects she chooses.

Current Project

Razing Liberty Square


Miami is ground zero for sea level rise. Elevation becomes real estate gold as the rich move inland from the low-lying beaches. When residents of Miami’s infamous Liberty Square public housing learn about a $300 million dollar revitalization project, they brace themselves against gentrification. What they don’t know is that the sudden interest is because their neighborhood is located on the highest and driest ground in Miami. But the residents are ready to fight this new form of racial-injustice: climate gentrification.