Talent Guide

MG Evangelista

  • Discipline:Writer/Director
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2019, Screenwriting Lab 2024


MG Evangelista was born in Manila and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Evangelista received the 2023 United States Artists Fellowship in Film. Their debut feature film, Burning Well, has been developed and supported by Tribeca, Array, the Torino Feature Film Lab and the SFFilm Rainin Grant. The feature is based on their award-winning short film Fran This Summer, which played in 30 festivals including Sundance. Evangelista’s body of work includes the VR dramedy Water Melts, the Project Involve short La Gloria and the award-winning short documentary They Call Me Suki about legendary AAPI activist Suki Terada Ports.

Current Project

Burning Well


In a re-imagining of the Prodigal Son story, on receiving news of his mother’s illness, a young trans man returns home to mend complicated relationships and rediscover what love and family really mean.