Talent Guide

Miles Maker

  • Discipline:Industry Track
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2013


Miles Maker is making a difference in the movie business with an active role in the development, packaging and global sale of exceptional stories. He’s listening.

Maker has earned a grassroots reputation in independent film for his social marketing and hybrid distribution expertise in connecting movies with audiences, managing online communities, empowering fans and monetizing attention. His outreach strategies have served the likes of Yellow by writer/director Nick Cassavetes, Sundance and Spirit Award-winning Pariah, the Domestic Workers Alliance’s Be The Help campaign for the Oscars and Golden Globes and others.

In addition to sharing information, resources and constructive feedback online, Maker is an inspiration and motivation for countless aspiring storytellers around the world. In December 2012, Maker launched an ambitious crowdsourcing campaign to solicit the works of established and emerging screenwriters through social media and industry contacts. After reading 96 scripts in 100 days, he optioned the motion picture rights to an award-winning original screenplay titled Safeword, an erotic psychological drama written by Greek playwright, actress and screenwriter Zoe Mavroudi.

Maker’s ambitions are fueled by his relentless pursuit of market awareness and knowing who the emerging talents are. In 2012, he engaged a record surge of more than 120 new buyers from 23 countries while representing 3 independent feature films at the American Film Market.

Current Project



To overcome her performance anxiety, a renowned classical pianist pursues an anonymous affair with a man who is sharply skilled at erotic knife-play. As Kitty conquers her mental condition, her musical confidence returns, but she soon discovers that falling in love with a mysterious man can be the most dangerous game of all.