Talent Guide

Rebecca Stern

  • Discipline:Director, Producer
  • Program Year:Documentary Lab 2021


Rebecca Stern is a Creative Producer and Director, focused mostly on documentaries, and dabbling in commercial content. She’s interested in making awesome films with an edge and making folks think. Most recently, she released her feature documentary, Well Groomed, on HBO, to rave reviews (95% critics, 97% audience!). She also recently directed the short film, The Rush, which premiered on The Atlantic, and produced the short film, Chinatown, which premiered on The New Yorker. What’s coming up? In 2021, she’s dedicated to making more stuff – documentaries, ads, and shows (notwithstanding the global pandemic). She’s eager to work with compelling directors with big dreams, and advertising and production companies who like to do with cool work. She works hard, barely sleeps, always has questions, and has an adorable puppy who’d be excited to cuddle if you hired her. She is Brooklyn based with dreams of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Current Project



With rare access to three women who lead formidable anti-abortion organizations, Battleground is a feature documentary depicting how the pro-life movement has emerged as a central force in American politics.