Talent Guide

Ted Kroeber

  • Discipline:Producer
  • Program Year:Fast Track 2005, Fast Track 2011, Producing Lab 2003


Through his company Kish Productions, Ted Kroeber produced the feature film American Gun, distributed by IFC Films and Pathe International. With director Aric Avelino, he assembled a cast that includes Academy Award Winners Marcia Gay Harden and Forest Whitaker, as well as Donald Sutherland. The film was nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards, including a nomination for Kroeber for Best Feature of 2006.

A producer of nine short films, Kroeber worked for Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Marty Katz Productions, and Paramount Pictures at Cruise/Wagner Productions. He has worked on dozens of commercials, shorts, and features as producer as well as in other capacities including first assistant director, production manager, and line producer.

Kroeber graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film Production and an MA in Education. For two years, he taught eighth grade on Chicago’s west side as an Inner City Teaching Corps volunteer, and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and Vanity Fair. He was awarded the Sundance Institute’s 2005 Mark Silverman Fellowship for Producers and is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He was an instructor of the 2010 Film Independent Producers Lab, a mentor in Project:Involve, has appeared on panels for the Film Independent Producers Series, the LA Film Festival, and serves on the Dean’s Council of the LMU School of Film and Television and the board of directors of Senovva, Inc.

Current Project

AWOL (Narrative Feature)


Weeks before her deployment to Afghanistan, Joey, 19, returns to rural Pennsylvania on a short assignment: hometown recruitment. Infatuated with her sassy older lover Rayna, a married mother of two, Joey battles the expectations of her family and plots to flee the army in the name of love.