Tue 7.23.2013

Crowdfunding Gone Wild: Adam Carolla Will Hit On Your Women For a Price

Taking a cue from the recent explosion of controversial celebrity self-funding Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, such as Zach Braff’s second feature I Wish I Was Here and the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, comedian Adam Carolla is raising money for his new film Road Hard on brand spankin’ new crowdfunding platform FundAnything.

With a $1M goal and 26 days to go, the project already has raised over $680,000. The comedian isn’t skimping on the incentives, either; rewards range from your standard DVD, movie poster and T-shirt pack ($35) to a private party hosted by Mr. Carolla himself at your own home ($15,000)—at no extra charge, Carolla promises to “drink your liquor, devour your food and hit on your women.”

But the best pitch this campaign has going for it so far is a promotional video featuring Carolla and his old buddy Bryan Cranston, who jokingly rips Carolla and his film to shreds:

So how does FundAnything compare with Kickstarter and Indiegogo? For starters, FundAnything doesn’t screen or exclude projects. And Donald Trump claims that as one of the company’s financial partners, he is “giving away MONEY!” on the site to campaigns. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Right. According to this Crain’s New York Business Article, it is also the most expensive for indie filmmakers to use:

Tech experts noted that FundAnything collects 9% of the money raised for campaigns that do not meet their pre-stated goals, and 5% for those that fully fund their campaigns. That is steeper than IndieGoGo, which collects the same 9% commission on campaigns that fall short of their monetary goals, but only 4% for completed campaigns.

Kickstarter’s pricing model is slightly different. The site does not give a campaign any money unless a project meets its goal. In that case, it charges a 5% fee. The crowdsourcing site with the lowest fees, CrowdTilt, takes a 2.5% cut if a campaign reaches its goal.

By Lee Jameson / Film Education Coordinator