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Film Independent Wed 11.13.2019

Dear Producer: Divide/Conquer Duo Talks Partnerships, Portfolios and Creative Process

The following blog and video piece originally ran on the website Dear Producer and is shared here courtesy of that website’s editor Rebecca Green, a Film Independent Fellow and Creative Advisor. Excerpts from Dear Producer appear on our blog regularly.


Adam Hendricks and Greg Gilreath of Divide/Conquer have produced over a dozen feature films—most notably 2017’s Lucky, starring Harry Dean Stanton, which screened at SXSW); 2018’s Cam, released on Netflix, playing at the Fantasia Festival; 2018’s The Wind, which premiered at TIFF; and the upcoming remake of the cult horror film Black Christmas, from Blumhouse.

Here, Adam and Greg discuss the advantages of having a producing partner, how raising money is always the hardest part of the process and how you can never underestimate the value of having the proper infrastructure and budget for post-production and delivery:

Divide/Conquer (pronounced “Divide and Conquer”) was founded in 2013 and is run by producers Adam Hendricks and Greg Gilreath, with seasoned business affairs exec Zac Locke. Since its first film in 2015, the company has produced over a dozen feature films. A separate interview with Hendricks and Gilreath first appeared in an earlier “Dear Producer” column, found here. Below, see the trailer for Divide/Conquer’s Lucky:

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(Header: 2019’s Black Christmas)

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