Film Independent Mon 1.13.2014

Get Packed for Park City

January brings not just cold weather (well, everywhere but Los Angeles) but an annual showcase of independent films that will be talked about for at least the next year in Park City, Utah and beyond. The Sundance and Slamdance film festivals kick off this week and a new crop of filmmakers, film lovers and emerging film leaders will be traveling to the snowy mecca to watch films and hopefully, make some sweet deals. But before you go thinking about which business cards you need to collect and what stand-by line will prove the most successful, it’s time to pack. For those Park City-newbies, we’re outlining a Must-Have and a Might-Want packing list with the help of some festival veterans to ensure your success and warmth at the movies.



Outside it’s freezing. Inside it’s warm. A typical outfit might consist of: long johns, jeans, wool socks, waterproof shoes/hiking boots, long-sleeve thermal shirt, t-shirt/button-down, cardigan, parka, scarf, beanie, gloves. Unless you grew up in Michigan and can wear shorts comfortably in 50-degree weather, we’re serious.

Long johns

“Someone told me to bring long johns and I either disregarded them or forgot because I didn’t do it and as soon as the first frigid blast of wind hit the thighs of my skinny jeans, I knew I had made a big mistake. I wound up borrowing a pair of tights from my costume designer Maggie and wore them the whole rest of the festival under my pants and it was a life changer.”
-Chad Hartigan, 2013 Sundance Film Festival NEXT Award Winner and 2014 Film Independent Spirit Award nominee, This is Martin Bonner

Socks, socks, socks

Bring many pairs, of different thicknesses. Carry an extra pair with you so you can change them halfway through the day (you’ll feel so much better).

Real-deal gloves

“Don’t be cute and buy little cotton gloves because they have fun stripes or will match your hat. You will regret it.”
-Zoe Reiniger, Sundance Industry Office

A good old-fashioned backpack

It’s the best way to tote all your cargo around. You’ll need more than just your typical purse—or man-purse—load.

All the daily essentials

Phone charger, business cards, sunglasses, handkerchief, hand sanitizer, SPF face moisturizer, a lip moisturizer with sealant ingredients (think Vaseline, which can also work on dry cuticles), granola bars (because otherwise you’ll be paying $3 for a banana), some ibuprofen (if you don’t need it, you’ll probably make someone’s day when they do).



“The lanyards that Festivals hand out are typically flat (for sponsor logo purposes) and they’re not the most comfortable for your neck. Bring your own. Also, a compass, in case you step out and can’t navigate your way out of a theater. And lots of gum, because you’re talking to people and whispering in close proximity all day.”
-Doug Jones, Associate Director of Programming at Film Independent

Karaoke list

For impressing all those film festival programmers.

Emergen-C and Coldeeze

To ward off post-Festival illness.

US Weekly

Download a copy to your iPad if you fear judgement.

A flask

“It’ll help with the long lines.”
– David Ansen, Artistic Director, Los Angeles Film Festival


To prevent spoiler chats on the shuttle.

Your high school senior photo

So you can remember where you came from.


Got more suggestions on what to pack? Leave them in the comments below! Then check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.