AT LACMA Thu 3.19.2015

Moments We Can’t Wait to Relive at Tonight’s Dazed and Confused Live Read!

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As is Live Read tradition, Jason Reitman took to the Twittersphere yesterday to whet our appetites by tweeting out the surprise cast for tonight’s Live Read of Dazed & Confused. Ever since, we’ve been indulging in our favorite Live Read-day pastime: who-will-play-who? James Vanderbeek as Randall “Pink” Floyd? Mae Whitman, Whitney Cummings or Mindy Kaling as Darla “Air Raid” Mark? Will Nick Kroll or Eric Andre get the great honor of delivering “Alright Alright Alright?” It’s just a matter of hours before we’ll know for sure.

In the meantime… here are a few of the many moments we can’t wait to relive tonight at Film Independent at LAMCA.

Sasha Jenson, Jason London and Cole Hauser announcing open season on the new crop of freshman. Who who will be the new crop of Live Read cast members opening the can of whoop ass?

“AIR RAID FRESHMEN!” Who will take on Parker Posey’s role as chief freshman tormentor when we do it Live?



Nicky Katt’s d-bag Clint shotguns a beer at the biggest party of the summer. But who’s gonna fill that 1950’s greaser uniform tonight?

“L-I-V-I-N”–letters that defined a generation; Who’s ready to bring the magic of Mr. Dave Wooderson into the new millennium?

Michelle Buchman / Film Independent blogger & Evan Ward-Henninger / Associate Director, Membership