LA Film Festival Wed 3.12.2014

Our City Will Be the Star of the Los Angeles Film Festival

In just three short months we’ll be unfurling the red carpet to launch the LA Film Fest. And this year, the occasion will be even more special than ever, as we are marking our 20th anniversary by celebrating our own city’s storied history as the filmmaking capital of the world.

This past Friday, word spread all the way to the East Coast when The New York Times featured our Festival Director Stephanie Allain and her vision for a new Festival section called LA Muse, showcasing movies made in and about Los Angeles.

Allain, along with Film Independent at LACMA curator Elvis Mitchell and Roya Rastegar, who teaches film at Bryn Mawr College, will curate the section designed to revitalize our city’s image as the filmmaking capital of the world. Though the full program is still a work-in-progress, it will feature “Los Angeles moments,” including the world premiere of Echo Park, a small film shot mostly in the neighborhood known for its hipsters and music scene. Despite LA’s ongoing struggle to combat runaway production, “There’s still a lot of energy here,” as Allain told the Times. “People come here to realize their dreams.”

Pamela Miller / Website & Grants Manager

The Los Angeles Film Festival will happen in downtown LA from June 11-19. Stay tuned for lineup announcements and more!