LA Film Festival Fri 6.12.2015

Random People Poll: Film Fans Tell Us What Movie They Wish They’d Been Cast In


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Movie lovers of all stripes can be found at the downtown Regal Theater at LA Live this week during the LA Film Fest. We showed up at a screening of Catching the Sun, to see who we would find, where they’re from, what brought them to the Festival, and while we’re at it,…

What movie would you love to have been cast in?

“Black Swan” —Margarita, 19, Russia
What bought her to LA Film Fest: She wants to be a director.

“The Royal Tenenbaums”—Anne, 57, Pasadena
What bought her to LA Film Fest: She’s a film fest junkie. She’s gone up and down California and across the country.

“The Matrix”— Ernie, 44, Los Angeles
What bought him to LA Film Fest? He’s covering it for his online publication,

“Blade Runner” (to get to see a futuristic LA come to life in front of him)—Guy, 31, Bristol, UK
What bought him to LA Film Fest? He’s a filmmaker with his own work out in the festival circuit.

The Hunger Games”  Genesse, 20, Los Angeles
What bought her to LA Film Fest? She’s a Festival volunteer.

Jade Estrada / Film Independent Blogger