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Film Independent Wed 2.1.2017

VIDEO: Sundance Survival Tips and 2017 Recap

This year, more snow has already fallen on Park City than has in any year since 1983 (look it up). It’s like the weather itself was attempting to cosplay Disney’s Frozen, meaning that attendees of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival had more than the usual number of obstacles to face as they attempted to navigate the city. Add to that January 21’s historic Women’s March, which (happily) subsumed Main St. on Day Two of the Festival to create an atmosphere of electrifying camaraderie that went way beyond the Festival’s standard buoyant mood. In other words, it was Sundance that anyone who was there isn’t likely to forget.

Somewhere in-between all of the marches, parties, on-site sponsor activations and—oh yeah—film screenings, we managed to hit the streets and ask people to share their Sundance survival tips, including the staff at Cow’s Ice Cream, aka my high school stomping grounds. So cinch up that scarf, crack open another pair of gelatin hand-warmers and learn about this year’s Sundance survival tips:

But why wait another whole year for more festival fun? You can see what we did at Sundance last year by clicking here, or you can start getting excited for this year’s LA Film Festival, which we promise will be much, much warmer.

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