Directors Close-Up 2016

Directors Close-Up 2016

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The Film Independent Directors Close-Up offers filmmakers and film lovers a unique opportunity to hear directly from the best indie directors and their collaborators, as they explore specific aspects of their craft. The Directors Close-Up consists of five unique events over the course of five weeks. During these five in-depth conversations, participants in the program get to ask questions and experience a rare insight into the creative process as we examine the work of the most prominent directors working today.

Each night our featured directors will focus on a different aspect of the craft of filmmaking.


Week 1 — Wednesday, February 3

• James Ponsoldt: Bringing to Life The End of the Tour

Good performances are the basis of great films. It is often said that a director’s job is almost done in the casting room. Hear from two different points of view on what’s behind a great performance as director James Ponsoldt and members of his cast discuss the ways in which they collaborated to create memorable moments in The End of the Tour.

Panelists include:

James Ponsoldt (director, The End of the Tour, The Spectacular Now, Smashed)
Jason Segel (actor, The End of the Tour, The Muppets, Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Mickey Sumner (actor, The End of the Tour, The Mend, Frances Ha)


Week 2 — Wednesday, February 10 (get tickets)

• Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson: Developing Anomalisa

Anomalisa writer/co-director Charlie Kaufman and co-director Duke Johnson take us on their journey to turn Anomalisa from a successful “sound play” to a brilliant stop-motion animation film that has garnered multiple accolades, including two Film Independent Spirit Awards nominations (Best Picture and Best Director) and an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Film.

Panelists include:

Charlie Kaufman (writer, co-director, Anomalisa)
Duke Johnson (co-director, Anomalisa)

Moderated by Jason Segel (writer/actor, The Five-Year Engagement, The Muppets, Forgetting Sarah Marshall)


Week 3 — Wednesday, February 17

The Storytellers: Writers and Directors

It all starts with a good story. Writers, directors and writer/directors discuss their craft and role as storytellers, while they explore the ways in which they collaborate to successfully bring the script from the page to the screen. Featuring Meg Le Fauve (writer, Inside Out) and additional panelists to be announced.

Panelists include:

Meg Le Fauve (writer, Inside Out)


Week 4 — Wednesday, February 24

• The Independent Spirit: A Directors Roundtable

Risk takers and visionaries… join us as a selection of this year’s Spirit Awards nominees discuss their films, their journeys as artists and the ways in which they have been able to balance their individual artistic integrity with the demands of the marketplace. Through their experiences we will explore a director’s creative vision.

Panelists include:

Marielle Heller (writer/director, The Diary of a Teenage Girl)
David Robert Mitchell (writer/director, It Follows)
Chloé Zhao (writer/director, Songs My Brothers Taught Me)


Week 5 — Wednesday, March 2

• Sean Baker: A Tangerine Case Study

Tangerine is one of the most daring and original cinematic experiences of the year. Shot on an iPhone 5s with first-time actors, it is a visually stunning film populated with real and fresh performances. Join us as director Sean Baker and members of his creative team explore his unique filmmaking approach and journey to bring dynamic stories that resonate with us to the screen.

Panelists include:

Sean Baker (co-writer/director, Tangerine)

Moderated by Glenn Kiser, Director of the Dolby Institute


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