KCRW and Locatora Radio Podcasting Workshop

Youth and Community Activities

KCRW and Locatora Radio Podcasting Workshop

Saturday, October 19 – 10:00 am
MOCA Geffen, Warehouse

Tickets are available now to Film Independent Members and the general public.
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KCRW teams up with Locatora Radio to host an interactive podcasting 101 workshop on how to make a show from scratch using your own unique voice. Mala and Diosa will walk you through their podcast creation and the creative steps they took to build their community-driven brand and Instagram presence. You’ll walk away feeling empowered to use your natural talents and tap into local resources to turn them into media.

Locatora Radio is an indie, do-it-yourself podcast co-hosted and co-produced by Mala and Diosa, two Latinas from L.A. that are committed to archiving and celebrating the brilliance of womxn of color through podcasting, filmmaking, educational workshops and live events.