Producers at the Table

Info and schedule for the 2021 Producers at the Table series


November 29 – December 3, 2021

From wherever you are in the world, we invite you to hear from the best producers working in independent film today.

Through a series of five sessions, we will get you up to speed on the most current and pressing issues that producers are tackling today, as we slowly emerge out of our global pandemic and look to a different, better future.

Join us, from the comfort of your home, as we strive to continue cultivating your professional career and creating community across borders.

Below you’ll find the official schedule for Producers at the Table – don’t forget to check back for event updates and newly added participants.

Schedule, content, speakers and moderators are subject to change.

Monday, November 29

The Producers Profession: A Creative Balancing Act

12:00 pm PT

The independent producer as a creative force propelling films into excellence has been long overlooked and unappreciated. While directors and other creatives move up the industry ladder, achieving financial success doing what they love; many independent producers continue taking creative risks, betting on emerging creators, and discovering new talent, while struggling to sustain their careers with no safety net. With a long overdue producer’s union now in sight, we invite an esteemed group of producers to explore and bring forward a new and healthier vision for the producer’s profession.

Amanda Marshall (producer, Swiss Army Man)
Sara Murphy (producer, Licorice Pizza)
Kim Roth (producer, Blue Bayou)
Rachel Shane (producer, The Eyes of Tammy Faye)
Lizzie Shapiro (producer, Shiva Baby)

Moderated by Avril Speaks (producer, Jinn)

Tuesday, November 30

On the Set: Striving for Change

12:00 pm PT

The current health crisis has exacerbated already existing grueling set conditions, and the IATSE labor dispute has pulled back the curtain on the long-ignored impact that running a financially profitable production takes on the crew. The human cost of box office success has proven to be a high price to pay. With over a year of COVID production protocols now in place, we explore with producers what budgeting and planning for a new set looks like, lessons learned, and best practices on location to help build a more safe and humane production environment.

Paul Garnes (President, Array Filmworks)
Aron Gaudet (co-director; Queenpins, Beneath the Harvest Sky)
Pin-Chun Liu (producer, Test Pattern)
Gita Pullapilly (co-director; Queenpins, Beneath the Harvest Sky)

Moderated by Summer Shelton (producer; Keep the Change, Maine)

Wednesday, December 1

Is Hybrid Here to Stay? Distribution and Exhibition Strategies

12:00 pm PT

Distribution strategies viewed in the past as unviable business models were accelerated by the closure of movie theaters and a proliferation of streaming platforms. As we emerge from the crisis, and our theaters reopen, what is the perfect balance between the virtual and theatrical screens? How are revenue streams aligning with the forced adjustment of windows as we knew them in a pre-pandemic world? We invite producers and distribution executives to explore the impact of the innovative or improvised practices of the past year and the possible new models.

Arianna Bocco (President, IFC Films)
Howard Cohen (Co-President, Roadside Attractions)
Kevin Iwashina (Head of Documentary, Endeavor Content)
Greg Laemmle (President, Laemmle Theatres)

Moderated by Karin Chien (producer; Jack & Diane, Circumstance)

Thursday, December 2

Financing Strategies in Uncertain Times

12:00 pm PT

As we have spent over a year now “penciling in” multiple scenarios for every single life event, how has the financing landscape changed to accommodate the uncertainty of the times? Have the already pre-existing challenges become unsurmountable? What is the appetite in the market, what type of films are being financed and at what budget levels?

Cassian Elwes (producer, Mudbound)
Margot Hand (producer, Passing)
Christine Hsu (agent, CAA)
Lauren Mann (producer; The Card Counter, Swiss Army Man)
Tucker Tooley (producer; The United States vs. Billie Holiday, Concrete Cowboy)

Moderated by Angela Lee (producer, Songs My Brothers Taught Me)

Friday, December 3

From Star Maps to Searchlight: A Keynote Conversation with Matthew Greenfield, President of Searchlight Pictures

12:00 pm PT

From his close collaboration with director Miguel Arteta on indie favorites such as Star Maps, Chuck & Buck and The Good Girl, to heading the most prestigious independent outfit in film, Matthew Greenfield has displayed a keen eye for compelling stories and exceptional talent. Throughout his esteemed career, he’s worked alongside some of the most influential directors of our time, including Chloé Zhao (Nomadland), Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit), Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water) and Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said). In this keynote conversation, Matthew will provide insight on this particular moment in our industry from his unique position as an executive, with a perspective deeply rooted in his experiences as an independent film producer.

Moderated by Miguel Arteta (Director, Beatriz at Dinner)