Venus in Furs

No one escapes the rat race.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Post Production
Writer/Director: Liam Walsh
Producer: Nate Cohen
Producer: Kathryn Wright
X: @vifshort
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A Wall Street wannabe is swept into the underbelly of New York after meeting a seductive drifter.


Sev, a dedicated but unfulfilled Wall Street mailroom clerk, lives a mundane life while caring for his elderly mother in their small apartment. He’s hanging on by a thread but holds onto hope that a long-term investment will pay off. One night on the subway, Sev meets Venus, a captivating drifter, who challenges his belief that his hard work will pay off. Drawn by her free-spirited attitude, Sev invites her over.

Sev becomes infatuated with Venus and they begin an intense, surreal affair. Despite his mother’s growing concern, Sev finds himself unable to resist the allure of this new lifestyle and the promise of freedom it seems to offer. As Sev’s behavior becomes more erratic and his grip on reality starts to slip, he must ultimately confront the consequences of his choices and the true nature of his relationship with Venus.

Venus in Furs is an allegorical story about addiction and the human tendency to seek escape through self-destructive behavior. It serves as a cautionary tale about the depths to which individuals can sink when they abandon their responsibilities and give in to the seduction of escapism.

Meet the Filmmakers

Liam Walsh – Writer/Director
Liam’s filmmaking journey began as a Rod Serling wannabe in their shared hometown in upstate New York. Inspired by Serling’s allegorical storytelling, he attended USC’s film school where his thesis film was selected in over 30 festivals internationally. He now works on the production-side of the industry, most recently wrapping as the line producer’s assistant on FX’s Mayans MC.

Nate Cohen – Producer
Nate Cohen is a graduate of USC School of Cinematic arts, but has since continued his career working at the United Talent Agency and TriStar Pictures (Sony). Before that, Nate graduated from New York City’s esteemed LaGuardia High School of Music and Art. Nate produced the short film Sunshine Room which was shortlisted for a Student Academy Award, and was named a quarterfinalist at the Final Draft Big Break and Austin Film Festival for his original feature, Gay Frat Boy. He is a proud queer and Jewish storyteller, who aims to tell progressive, bold and awe-inspiring stories.

Kathryn Wright – Producer
Kathryn Wright is a Los Angeles based filmmaker. Sculpted by her upbringing in Washington, D.C., Kathryn is drawn to vibrant, character-led stories that portray the darkly comedic and imperfect beats of everyday life. After earning her B.A. in Film Production and Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, Kathryn has gone on to work on productions with HBO, Universal, and ABC in various crew roles. Currently, Kathryn works as a Showrunner’s Assistant on ABC’s Not Dead Yet.

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