Vulva La Revolution

As one of six doctors in the world that specializes in addressing the sexual health issues of ALL genders, Dr. Maria Uloko is starting a sexual health revolution - will you join her?

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Project status: Development
Director/Producer: Meredith Yinger
Director/Producer: Dr. Maria Uloko
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Vulva La Revolution explores the intersection between science, culture, fem tech, and medicine to explain the phenomenon of medical gaslighting that women experience and illuminate a path toward better health care for all womxn. Accompany trailblazer Dr. Maria Uloko – one of six doctors in the world specializing in sexual health issues of ALL genders – and her fierce team of leaders as they join forces to start a sexual health revolution.


This documentary meticulously unpacks the historical and current landscape of women’s healthcare, spotlighting the significant challenges in accessing adequate care and treatment. By delving into the evolution of medicine concerning female sexuality and health, we aim to connect sexual health to the overarching narrative that the women face in accessing healthcare represents a public health crisis that remains largely unseen. Our exploration will span the intersections of science, culture, and medicine to illuminate the widespread issue of medical gaslighting—where women’s health concerns are minimized or dismissed by the healthcare system. The documentary will expose how historical biases, policy failures, and scientific neglect have collectively impaired women’s access to crucial, sometimes life-saving, healthcare services. We will delve into how the lines of science blur with popular culture and society by also including authors, journalists, historians, sociologists, other notable sexual medicine experts and artists and their relation to medicine and being a woman in the system.

The film will be broken up into three acts following three main storytellers: a patient, a doctor, and a femtech CEO along their journeys. Act 1 – Wait WTF? The Great Awakening Provides an overview of the current representation and treatment of women in the medical field through the lens of a physician, patient advocate and femtech CEO Act 2- How did we get here? Discusses the historical challenges and marginalization women have faced regarding sexual health and medicine Act 3- A Way Forward Summarizes the current state of women’s sexual health and medicine, showcases the inventions moving forward in femtech, and issues a call to action.

Central to our story is the revolutionary role of femtech and sextech companies. As pioneers in closing the health gap, these entities represent what the traditional healthcare sector has often failed to address—offering innovative solutions to longstanding issues in women’s health. We will feature interviews with leading figures in femtech and sextech who are at the forefront of creating technologies and services that enhance women’s health, shining a light on how they are challenging and changing the status quo.

Meet the Filmmakers

Meredith Yinger – Director/Producer
Meredith Yinger tells the untold. She is a Film Director, Documentarian, and Owner of She TV Media – a female-led, full service video and virtual event production company. Based in Los Angeles, she carries additional titles of bestselling author, producer, host, and voiceover artist. She is dedicated to bringing overlooked stories to life through the magic of film. Meredith eagerly champions those who have untold stories to share through her documentaries, interviews with breakthrough experts, and collaborations with established and aspiring artists. The Madams – a She TV Media TV Pilot that Meredith directed – was recognized and awarded at the Cannes Indies Cinema Awards Festival, the Venice Shorts Festival, and the Women Filmmakers from IndieFest. Meredith is currently in Post-production on her first feature length documentary entitled Scars Unseen – which is about triumph of the human spirit in domestic violence cases – and will premiere in the festival circuit in early 2024.

Dr. Maria Uloko – Director/Producer
Dr. Maria Uloko is an international award-winning researcher on vulvar health including her groundbreaking work on clitoral anatomy, and former director of the first vulvar sexual health urology clinic affiliated with an academic center in the US. She is considered an international leader in the field of female sexual health due to her spirit of innovation and unique approach to the field including being one of 6 urologists in the world with her training. She has been featured in NYT, Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Maria Shriver’s Sunday Stories, Yahoo news for her work and advocacy. She serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Urology and the female sexual health editor for the International Society of Sexual Medicine Video Journal. Her emphasis of research is on healthcare disparities, defining vulvar anatomy and physiology, the association between tissue health and disease (i.e chronic pelvic pain and chronic UTI), healthcare innovation, patient advocacy, and education.

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