Talent Guide

Jose Asuncion

  • Discipline:Director
  • Program Year:Documentary Lab 2011


Originally from Chicago, Jose Asuncio is an award-winning filmmaker, whose works have aired on HBO, MTV3, The Documentary Channel, PBS and garnered honors from both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as well as the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He earned his M.F.A. in Film Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and is a two-time recipient of the graduate filmmaker scholarship from the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts.

When he is not working on post-production for his upcoming documentary, Sick Mick and the Boys, Asuncio enjoys creating animated gifs of documentaries and committing Richard Pryor albums to memory.

Current Project



Sick Mick and The Boys tells the story of the Charlton brothers in their pursuit to break the motorcycle land speed record. Once estranged by prison, drugs and unemployment, the four brothers band together to build a jet-powered motorcycle in their Cleveland garage.