Talent Guide

Josephine Green-Yang

  • Discipline:Director, Writer
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2009


Josephine Green-Yang is a writer/director who works both in short form sketch comedy and dramatic films. She wrote, directed, and produced In Case of an Emergency, a short surrealist narrative that tells the story of CoCo Lee, a paranoid hypochondriac who is prepared for the end of the world, but not for the end of her engagement. The film won 2007 Best Undergraduate Film at UCLA.

Green-Yang is currently writing, directing, and producing Bitch Got Jokes, a sketch comedy website that satirizes men and women in relationships. She is also in post-production on Musicians of the Streets of Santiago: A Tribute to Violeta Parra, a short documentary following an organized union of folkloric street musicians in Santiago, Chile, and their struggle from playing on public buses to organizing a private holiday concert in tribute to the famous folklorist Violeta Parra. Additionally, she is polishing her first feature screenplay The Naked Truth, a comedy about a politician’s wife who finally discovers who she is without her husband after leaving the public sphere for a new life in a nudist community.

Green-Yang is a freelance editor and videographer. She works and volunteers part-time teaching children how to read, ‘rite, and ‘rithmetic…but properly.

Current Project

The Naked Truth (Narrative Feature)


When Natalie Hartline, the conservative wife of North Carolina's new governor, learns her estranged father has just retired to a nudist community, she must journey through a land of naked, liberal hippies to confront a man she has not seen in over ten years, and save her Southern belle image from being ripped apart by the press.