Talent Guide

Sybil Temtchine

  • Discipline:Producer
  • Program Year:Producing Lab 2008


Sybil comes to Audrey on the heels of starring opposite Ving Rhames as the edgy Lt. Emily Patterson on USA Network’s Kojak and starring in Steven Peros’ Footprints and The Undying, both due out in Spring 2009.

Sybil began her career as both producer and star of Ten Benny, opposite Adrien Brody, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was released worldwide. Two years later Sybil starred once again opposite Adrien Brody in Restaurant, which takes an unflinching look at racial issues in a busy Hoboken eatery. Soon to follow was a starring role in Chris Menaul’s Emmy Award-winning Showtime Original Feature The Passion of Ayn Rand. The film, which premiered at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, also stars Helen Mirren, Peter Fonda, Julie Delpy, and Eric Stolz. Sybil then went on to star opposite Amanda Peet, Jerry O’Connell, and Tara Reid in New Line Cinema’s Body Shots; opposite Skeet Ulrich in the ABC series Miracles; and then in Steven Bochco’s HBO series Marriage. She can also be seen starring in Sony Pictures’ release of The Cavern.

Returning to her producing roots, Sybil wrote, produced, and starred in the short film Piece A’ Cake, which made its world premiere at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles. Piece A’ Cake reunited Sybil with its award-winning director, Dean Pollack. The two had previously worked together in Dean’s debut feature film Show & Tell, for which Dean received a Blockbuster Independent Filmmaker Award.

Current Project

Audrey (Narrative Feature)


As Audrey waits and waits and WAITS in a busy Los Angeles bistro for that make-or-break third date with Gene, the potential love of her life, she is forced to face her demons by circumstances both real and hilariously unreal, and in the end, quite remarkably, finds something much more important: herself.