AT LACMA Mon 9.8.2014

Live Read is Back! Excitement Ensues

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For some, fall means going back to school. For LA’s biggest film fans, it means going back to the Bing—for Live Reads. The fourth Live Read season kicks off on October 16 with American Beauty. As in the past, the cast will be a surprise until that night (unless director Jason Reitman tweets it out just before.)

Only Film Independent Members can buy Live Read series passes, which go on sale tomorrow at noon (Members: watch your email for details.) Individual tickets for the first Live Read go on sale to Members Thursday September 18 at noon.

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Think you’re a Live Read geek? Prove it by taking this quiz.

1) Which of the following characters has Live Read Queen Mae Whitman not performed?
a) Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
b) Rollergirl (Boogie Nights)
c) Honey Bunny (Pulp Fiction)
d) John Williamson (Glengarry Glen Ross)
e) Kobayashi (The Usual Suspects)
f) She’s played them all.

2) Match the guest directors with the films they directed.
a)  Patton Oswalt
b)  David Wain
c)  Evan Goldberg
d)  The Weitz Brothers

A)  American Pie
B)  Raising Arizona
C)  Pulp Fiction
D)  Tootsie

3) What was the first-ever Live Read and who performed the lead role?

4) Match the Live Read actor with the role he or she performed.
a) Taylor Lautner
b) Jonah Hill
c) Jason Alexander
d) Natalie Portman
e) Ann Hathaway

A) Dirk Diggler (Boogie Nights)
B) Fran Kubelik (The Apartment)
C) Hildy Johnson (His Girl Friday)
D) Butch and Pumpkin (Pulp Fiction)
E) Jeffrey Lebowski (The Big Lebowski)

4) Who is the only actress to have performed the role originated by her mother?

5) Who are the only two actors to perform the parts they originated?

6) Who are the two directors who performed Live Read roles in films they directed?

7) Who is the only Live Read actor to also have guest directed a Live Read?
a) Seth Rogen
b) Patton Oswalt
c) David Wain

8) Which is the only TV show pilot ever to have been performed as a Live Read?
a) Breaking Bad
b) Friday Night Lights
c) The Sopranos
d) Mad Men
e) Six Feet Under
f) The Wire

9) Only two Live Reads have been performed outside its home venue, the Bing Theater at LACMA. What and where?

10) Fill in the blank: Live Read performances are ________ rehearsed, recorded or repeated.

BONUS: Which iconic filmmaker directed a staged reading (inspired by Live Reads) of a film he avowed would never be made (though he has since changed his mind)?

1) f 2) a:B, b:D, c:C, d:A 3) a:A, B:d, c:E, d:B, e:C 3) The Breakfast Club, Jennifer Garner played Claire 4) Kate Hudson as Jill in Shampoo 5) Sam Elliott as The Stranger in The Big Lebowski and Fred Savage at the Grandson in The Princess Bride 6) Rob Reiner as the Grandfather in The Princess Bride and Ron Shelton as Skip in Bull Durham 7) b 8) a 9) Boogie Nights at the Toronto International Film Festival and The Apartment at New York Times Center in New York City 10) never. BONUS Quentin Tarantino, The Hateful Eight

Pamela Miller / Website & Grants Manager