Film Independent Wed 5.9.2018

Net Neutrality Isn’t Dead Yet. Here’s How You Can Help TODAY.

The fight to save Net Neutrality is reaching a critical end. In this special guest post, Film Independent President Josh Welsh urges you consider lending your support to help save this important measure protecting the future of a free internet. 


Back in December 2017 under new Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC voted to scrap Net Neutrality–the regulations prohibiting internet providers from doing things like blocking websites, throttling traffic, or charging higher prices for higher-quality or faster internet service.

Many people decried this change, alleging that this would harm consumers, as filmmakers trying to distribute their work online. While it’s true that the FCC did vote against net neutrality, in the immortal words of Monty Python’s dogged Black Knight, “I’m not dead yet!” Myriad legislators at both the state and federal level are furiously working, as we speak, to pass legislation to protect existing laws governing the internet. But time is running out…

First, if you’re still not clear what net neutrality is, here’s a quick primer from John Oliver:

So why is this issue still alive? Because today, May 9, internet activists and a slew of web companies, are planning to “go red” as part of a Red Alert for Net Neutrality campaign.

The goal? To drive constituent calls and emails to lawmakers ahead of a Senate vote to overrule the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. The online push begins today, May 9—as the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution will be officially discharged— and will carry through until vote.

Who should care about net neutrality? Anyone who uses the internet, basically. But it’s especially important to film lovers who watch movies and TV shows online, and to the filmmakers whose work is distributed online.

Particularly threatened are independent filmmakers whose material might exist on platforms without the deep pockets necessary to demand to be in the fast lane once internet service providers start throttling content and giving preferential treatment (and speed!) to conglomerate communications companies.

So what can you do? Isn’t the jig already up? No, it’s not! If you care about this issue—and you should—call or write your representatives in the House and the Senate right now and demand their support in defense of Net Neutrality today! Speak up, make noise and let them know you care passionately about this issue!

For reference, one handy site you can go to is Battle for the Net, where you can easily call, write, and tweet directly to your representatives.

Thank you!