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Programs Sat 1.20.2024

Spotting Film Independent Fellows at Sundance: a 2024 Field Guide.

This isn’t a meteorology blog. We’re under no obligation to inform you that–despite a historically slow ski season start–the snow now falling across Northern Utah’s Wasatch Valley is voluminous and omnipresent. All the better excuse for sequestering oneself inside the weatherproofed walls of Park City’s myriad Sundance screening venues. And whether you’re a Sundance programmer, filmmaker, critic, industry wonk or civilian attendee, one thing is certain: there are currently a lot of granola bars getting smushed in a lot of people’s pockets.

Of course, our favorite among these snowblind wretches are our own Film Independent Fellows proudly debuting their new works at the festival. And by “Fellows” here we of course mean filmmakers who have been directly supported by Film Independent’s Lab Programs, Project Involve, Fast Track and Fiscal Sponsorship programs, as well as Emerging Filmmaker Award winners and grant recipients.

Below, please find the 27 Film Independent Fellows with projects—across all programming categories—currently scrapping over Ubers on the slippery sidewalks of Park City’s historic Main Street. Additionally, Sundance films In the Summers and Nocturnes were directly nurtured by Fi as Lab-supported projects. For more info about Film Independent, see our website.



‘Sasquatch Sunset’
  • Ian Olds, Editor, Power
    • Grant recipient/winner, 2018
  • Lizzie Shapiro, Producer, Sasquatch Sunset
    • Fast Track, 2020
    • Producing Lab, 2017
  • Lana Wilson, Producer/Director, Look Into My Eyes
    • Fast Track, 2015
  • Zoë Worth, Producer, Thelma
    • Fast Track, 2021



  • Esteban Arango, Director, Ponyboi
    • Project Involve, 2017
    • Grant winner/recipient, 2017
  • Brad Becker-Parton, Producer, Stress Positions
    • Fast Track, 2023
  • Luca Borghese, Producer, Love Me
    • Fast Track, 2020
  • Bruce Francis Cole, Cinematographer, Suncoast
    • Project Involve, 2018
  • Chris Stinson, Executive Producer, Suncoast
    • Producing Lab, 2005
  • Daniel Tantalean, Producer, In the Summers
    • Producing Lab, 2023
    • Lab supported project
  • Sarah Winshall, Executive Producer, Good One
    • Fast Track, 2021
  • Ed Wu, Cinematographer, Ponyboi
    • Project Involve, 2015



‘As We Speak’
  • Alexandra Johnes, Producer, FRIDA
    • Fast Track, 2015
  • Kellen Quinn, Producer, Sugarcane
    • Fast Track, 2015
  • Lysette Urus, Co-Producer, As We Speak
    • Producing Lab, 2021
    • Fast Track, 2021
  • Steffie Van Rhee, Co-Producer, Jamojaya
    • Documentary Lab, 2021
    • Fast Track, 2023



  • Haley Elizabeth Anderson, Director/Writer/Producer, Tendaberry
    • Amplifier Fellowship, 2021
  • Nate Gualtieri, Writer, Desire Lines
    • Project Involve, 2023



‘Your Monster’
  • Kira Carstensen, Producer, Your Monster
    • Fast Track, 2018
  • Samantha Jennings, Producer, The Moogai
    • Fast Track, 2019



  • Anirban Dutta, Producer, Nocturnes
    • Global Media Makers, 2022
  • Paola Mendoza, Executive Producer, IGUALADA
    • Fast Track, 2015
  • Anupama Srinivasan, Director, Nocturnes
    • Global Media Makers, 2022
    • Lab supported project



‘God Save Texas’
  • Debra Granik, Director/Executive Producer, Conbody VS Everybody
    • Grant winner/recipient, 2014
  • Carl Pfirman, Editor, Better Angels: The Gospel According to Tammy Faye
    • Directing Lab, 2004
  • Iliana Sosa, Director, God Save Texas: La Frontera
    • Project Involve, 2014



‘Out of My Mind’
  • Amber Sealey, Director, Out of My Mind
    • Directing Lab, 2013
    • Fast Track, 2013


For more info on any of our Artist Development Labs or the projects that have been developed in them, please contact us or see our website,  filmindependent.org. 2024 marks 30 years Film Independent Artist Development.

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